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Autumn 1

Our topic for this half-term is called 'Being me in my world'.

We will learn about our feelings and emotions, our families and where we live and look a little at space. Each week we will base our learning around a different book:

  • Week 1 - Owl babies
  • Week 2 - I am too absolutely small for school
  • Week 3 - The colour monster
  • Week 4 - The Smeds and the Smoos
  • Week 5 - The way back home
  • Week 6 - Whatever Next

W/C 16/10/23 Whatever Next

We had great fun this week acting out the story of Whatever Next and Baby Bear going to the moon, and we enjoyed building our own space rockets using different construction.

W/C 09/10/23 The Way Back Home

This week we enjoyed making name space rockets and looked at size in maths. We looked for things that were taller and shorter than we were. 

W/C 02/10/23 The Smeds and Smoos

This week we enjoyed the story and talked about how to be a good friend. We also learnt that England has a king called King Charles, and he is a very important person. We made crowns like the crown he wore at his coronation.

W/C 25/09/23 The colour monster

This week we enjoyed reading the colour monster story and talked about things that made us feel a particular way. We each painted a colour monster and said what made us feel either happy, sad, calm, scared, angry or loved.

W/C 18.09.23 I'm absolutely too small for school

This week we talked about what we are already good at and what we think we might get better at whilst at school. We are enjoying phonics and have already learnt the sounds s a t and i. We have been doing lots of sound sorting activities and are getting very good at this.

W/C 11.09.23 Owl Babies

We had a great week learning about owls and learnt the new words owlet and nocturnal.


W/C 05.09.23 Starting school

The children have settled very well during their first week at school. They have enjoyed painting their portraits for the cloakroom wall.