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Please take a look at what we have planned for the children over the Autumn term. 

Our term will start with exploring the wonders of space, life as an astronaut and how we get day and night and the seasons. We will be exploring some space-themed stories, designing our own unique planets and creating some excellent space-themed artwork. We will also be investigating The Americas by testing or atlas skills, learning about the 50 states of the USA, investigating and comparing climates across the two continents and exploring why Florida is the perfect place to launch space shuttles from.

In the second half term, our focus will shift towards investigating the Benin Kingdom. We will explore when this civilisation started and ended.  Alongside this, we will be looking at tales set in Benin, and investigating the culture and what life was like in this historic kingdom.


Take a look at what we've been getting up to this term.......

WC - 18/12/23 DT - Constructing wooden frames for lunar rovers

WC - 11/12/23 Writing - Formal letters of complaint

WC - 4/12/23 Computing - Creating a football game through coding

WC - 20/11/23 Maths - Physically creating cube numbers

WC -13/11/23 History - Investigating artefacts from the Kingdom of Benin

WC - 6/11/23 History - Arranging key historical events and periods on a timeline

WC - 16/10/23 English - Newspaper articles about the 1969 Moon Landing

WC - 9/10/23 Music - playing an ostinato on a glockenspiel

WC - 2/10/23 Forest School - firelighting and creating art using natural dyes

WC - 25/9/23 Art - Applying different techniques with paint

WC - 18/9/23 Maths - Ordering numbers up to 1 million

 WC - 11/9/23 Science - The Planets

 WC - 4/9/23 Geography - US states