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We will be comparing the features of different places, using keys and symbols in our own map work and finding out about Robin Hood as part of Local History. We are looking at the work of famous artists, Lowry and Jackson Pollock.

Look what we have been up to...

w/c-27/11/23-Meet 2 new classmates!

We have been writing instructions and made some new classmates from our text, the Scarecrows' Wedding. Meet Harry o Hay and his new wife Betty.


w/c-20/11/23- Geography

We have been looking at the continents of the world. Europe has many famous monuments. We had a go at building some. Can you spot the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa or London Bridge?

w/c-13/11/23-2nd attempt at Jackson Pollack Art. 

This time we were in charge of the pipettes of colour. We are getting more creative!

w/c-6/11/23-Exploring the techniques used by the artist Jackson Pollock

Our first attempts were pretty close to the original!

w/c-9/10/23-Using wheels and axles to make moving vehicles

5/10/23-Science Investigation


25/9/23-Technology-Making quivers for Robin Hood

WC - 18/9/23 - Science 


WC - 11/9/23 Lowry 
WC - 4/9/23  Inventing