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Archie Bear

These children have impressed by using Archie values.......

8/9/2023 -After a week full of tears and uncertainty THEA JONES has shown great resilience by getting over her initial uncertainty of leaving mum and dad and having a great week. Well done.

15/9/2023- FREDDIE IRWIN, what a resilient boy you are. After a few days of tears, you are now straight into the classroom and ready for learning. Well done and keep it up. 

22/9/2023 - ALEEZA, you are a lovely, friendly girl who is always kind to others and is respectful to all adults in school. You have made an amazing impression. Well done!

29/9/2023-ALFIE, what a start you have made. You are kind, hard-working, confident and ambitious in everything you do. An excellent start, keep it up.

06/10/2023 - JORDAN, you are a delight to teach and are always ready to learn. Keep it up and your independence and work attitude is amazing. Well done.

13/10/2023 - CHARLIE, although you have had a tough week, you have come into school with your mischievous smile and worked hard at everything you do. I love your resilience. Well done!

14/12/2023 - After an amazing production of our school play. I had to give the Archie Bear to the whole class. It was a fantastic performance, with everyone in year 1 giving their all, no matter what their role. Well done!

11/01/2024 - An amazing start to the new term ARLA, you have shown confidence and resilience in this first week. Well done!

18/01/2024- NOAH, you have been a joy to teach this week. You have been ambitious with all your work and worked independently in math and science. Well done!

25/01/2024-MOLLIE, you have been ambitious and amazing this week. You have tried so hard in reading squad and in all the lessons. Well done!

01/02/2024-ZIZI, you have produced some amazing writing independently. It is the best writing you have ever done. You blew my socks off. Keep it up.

22/02/2024-WILLOW, you have worked hard this week and been confident in your reading and math. Well done and keep giving your all.

29/02/2024-ARIELLA, you have had a fantastic week and have tried so hard in your work. Your resilience has been fantastic. Well done!

08/03/2024-ALEEZA, you have had a great week, you have been confident in all your work and are always honest, I can always find the truth if I ask you. Well done! 

15/03/2024 - HARPER, you have had another amazing week, you are trying really hard in your reading, gaining CONFIDENCE in your math and are ACHIEVING your targets in your writing. Keep it up, well done!

22/03/24 - LOTTIE, you have been amazing with your reading and phonics this week. You are showing RESILIENCE and INDEPENDENCE. Great work, keep it up.

19/04/24 - MILO, you have come back as a real superhero! I think it is the glasses! You work so hard in all subjects and have become more INDEPENDENT in math and writing. Great work, well done!

26/04/2024- LOLA, what a week. You struggled with the math at the beginning of the week, but through your resilience and hard work you have started to understand division and can now independently work out all the sharing. Well done!

03/05/2024 - FINLEY, you have had a great week, especially in reading squad where you have started to shine. You are reading with purpose and CONFIDENCE. You are working INDEPENDENTLY to improve your reading. Well done!

10/05/24 - OSCAR, you have had a great week, especially with regard to how you RESPECT everything, whether that be the classroom, adults in school or your peers. Well done!