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22/3/24 - Kyra - Lee - Yes again, it is you,  it just had to be, you showed so much CONFIDENCE in likeability after a shaky start.

15/3/24 - Sienna- You were really ambitious with your writing today and have been pushing yourself so much recently in your maths - spotting your own errors!

09/3/24 - Kyra - Lee - You were a little worried about being in the hall but you showed real confidence.

23/2/24 - Dylan - This week you have shown such confidence with your grammar learning.  You were even brave enough to show the parents how it is done

10/1/24 - Leanna - You are showing greater connections and ambition in maths - I am so pleased keep it up!

14/12/23 - Kyra - Lee - You are really showing how ambitious you are and all with a great big smile on your face!

8/12/23 - Riley W - You are being braver and showing more ambition in class!

24/11/23 - Harvey - You are being more ambitious and showing the connections you are making, especially in maths. 

17/11/23 - Mac you have shown greater ambition this week in both your writing and your approach to learning. 

13/10/23 - Jack you are growing in confidence and putting your hand up so much more. 

6/10/23 - Kyra - Lee - You have shown great ambition and you were so proud of your achievements. 

29/9/23 - Edith - You have shown great ambition, I can see you are really putting in 100%.

22/9/23 - Chase - You have shown great ambition, you are really demonstrating active learning. 

15/9/23 - Kaidee - You have shown confidence when joining a brand-new school.

8/9/23 - Abdul - You have shown ambition with your work this week!