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Spring Archie Person of the Week

These children have impressed us this week showing Archie values:

19/4/24 - Eliza has been working really well in her first week with us. being a great team player and already working independently in all areas. Well done!


22/3/24 - Alex has really impressed me with his attitude and his resilience for times tables this week.

15/3/24 - Leo has been resilient in his approach this week. Well done!

8/3/24 – Archie has been really confident this week, trying new foods!Well done and happy birthday!

1/3/24 - Poppy has been so independent this week with her research on the Greeks.

23/2/24 - Holly has been working independently this week on her work. Well done!

1/2/24 - Florence, Dalton and Pippa have been so equal and working together on a great water cycle for our floor book!

26/1/24 - Mollie has been so confident this week! Well done!

18/1/24 - Dylan has been working really independently and resiliently this week. Well done!

11/1/24 - Sophia. You have been very equal and such a good friend and talking partner this week! A great start to 2024!