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 Archie person of the week

These children have impressed by using Archie Values......

8/3/24 - Ray, you are 'Equal'.  You always go that extra mile if anyone needs help!  You always think of others!  You always have a kind word to say!  Keep on being yourself!  

1/3/24 - Ollie, you are respectful of your environment and others around you!  You always try to be resilient when things get challenging.  Keep it up!

23/2/24 - Finley, you are kind, caring and considerate of others.  You are all our Archie values rolled into one.  Keep on believing in yourself and keep on reaching for those stars!

1/2/24 - Hunter, you are a 'Dare Devil.'  I cannot believe you had no fear jumping off the high equipment in gymnastics!  You are 'confident' as well as 'resilient'. Nothing seems to faze you.  Keep on challenging yourself and you will achieve all of your dreams!

25/1/24 - Finley, your ambition is shining through.  Your knowledge is out of this world - literally.  Your explanation in Science, about the moon and light, just blew us all away.  Carry on soaking up all the knowledge you can and make sure you share it!  

18/1/24 - Arthur - wow, your confidence, independence and resilience are growing by the day.  You have vast knowledge inside you that you add to by the day.  You always go that extra mile to find new things.  Keep on challenging yourself and keep up the good work.  

11/1/24 - Betsy, you have been a true friend this week.  You have been kind, caring and demonstrated being equal.  Keep on making a positive impact on all of your peers.  

22/12/23 - Maya, you have been ambitious this week.  Your reading and maths results show how hard you have been working.  Keep up the good work.

15/12/23 - Ellie, you are kind, caring and respectful.  You are a true friend to everyone you know.  Keep on being yourself and keep on reaching for the stars.  

8/12/23 - Luna, you are all our ARCHIE values rolled into one.   You take in all the challenges we throw at you in your stride!  Keep on pushing yourself and believing. 

1/12/23  - Taya, you are totally amazing. Your confidence is beginning to shine.   You are showing resilience, ambition and independence.  Keep having confidence and believing in yourself.  

24/11/23 - Dawson, you are trying so hard to make progress.  You are persistent and determined to do your best.  Keep on having confidence and believing you can do it!  Keep on reaching for those stars.

17/11/23 - Evie, you are confident, helpful, kind, considerate - I could go on.  However, you are not Archie Bear because of this, but  because of your equal traits.  If you see anyone upset, you are always there for them.  You are a true friend to everyone you meet.  Keep on letting your personality shine through, as this is what makes you - you!  

13/10/23 - Onyx, you are our Archie values through and through.  You are ambitious, thriving to do your best.  Resilient, always pushing yourself, even when the work gets challenging.  Confident to have a go, even when it is not always easy. Onyx, keep on being yourself and reaching for those stars.  

6/10/23 - Loki, you are honest, confident and equal.  You treat everyone with respect.  Loki, you are a true friend! You are all our Archie values rolled into one.  Keep on being the kind-hearted young man you are. 

22/9/23 - Tanveer, you had amazing confidence in sharing all your beliefs and values with the rest of the class during our R.E. session.  You brought the lesson to live for the rest of your peers.  Well done!  Keep on sharing your expert knowledge with us all. 

15:09/23 - Liev, wow, how much confidence do you have?  You have settled with ease into your new class.  You have become a valuable member of our school.  Nothing seems to faze you!  You demonstrate our ARCHIE values every day!  Keep on reaching for those stars 🌟

7/9/23 - Bandile - You have impressed us with your resilience and confidence.  You listen to what is being asked of you and take on all the challenges of your new school.  You especially impressed us with your enthusiasm during P.E. Well done!