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These children have impressed us by using our Archie values.....


15/9/23 - Jack is Equal. He rushes to help others without being asked to

22/9/23 - Wilf and Leo were a fantastic team in our science investigation this week. No one led...they were equal and listened to each other as they investigated.

29/9/23- Darcie kept going in PE working on a triple jump manoeuvre, even after a very nasty fall. No amount of grazed arms and knees could hold her back! 

6/10/23- Olivia produced an excellent standard of presentation in the description she wrote this week. She set the standard for us all! Olivia is Ambitious!

13/10/23- Leo is being very ambitious with his maths. He is eager for more challenge and excited to tackle it! 

19/10/23- Everlette is determined to improve her reading. She is eager to share her books at home and is making good progress. She is ambitious!

17/11/23-Ava has a new determined attitude towards her reading. The more determined and confident she is, the better her reading becomes. She is showing resilience!

24/11/23- Jessica and Emma have both been resilient. Jessica has been determined to be smarter with her maths ...trying to use facts she knows already to calculate new learning. Emma has put in such a sustained effort with her reading  and she sounds like a reader! This is a huge breakthrough and we are very proud of her!

8/12/23- Ariana is so confident in our school production. She is giving a great performance!

22/12/23- Kai produced some fabulous writing even though it is so late in the term. He is trying to be super ambitious!

11/1/24- Pixie was determined to master column subtraction with 2 digit numbers. She could calculate independently and it was beautifully presented in her maths book! Pixie is independent!

18/1/24- Emma represented school really well at a cricket tournament. She is a team player and offered lots of support to her teammates. She is Equal!

25/1/24- Erin is working hard in maths making money amounts in different ways and calculating change. She is being very ambitious. I have noticed her effort!

1/2/24- Everlette is showing lots of determination and ambition with her maths. She doesn't give up and sees her efforts working, and understands far more. Well done!

19/2/24- Donte worked independently in our English long write session. He used resources around the room to support him without checking in with an adult. This is what we want Donte! Lots more of this please!

26/2/24- Jack has worked his socks off with his handwriting, reading and maths. He has made terrific progress and I know his new school will be thrilled with how hard he works.

4/3/24- George is getting better and better at maths. He is asking for more challenge and is really impressing me. Keep it up George. You are ambitious!

11/3/24- Sophia is working much harder at school. She is remembering new learning and is excited to learn more. She is a very capable young lady and I expect a lot from her. She is rising to the challenge! 

18/3/24- Davies is excited to write. He is writing at length and then engaging in shared editing, trying to alter parts to make it sound better. He is ambitious with his writing and it is paying off!

29/4/24- Ava has been determined to improve her reading. She has practised at home and is finding her reading much easier and more enjoyable. Ava is ambitious

6/5/24- Joe doesn't put a foot wrong at school! He tries hard, listens well and is always respectful to children and adults alike. Every class needs a Joe.

13/5/24- Grayci can share ideas and support others in collaborative work. She is a strong team player and doesn't have to be in charge. Our class needs Grayci!