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Have a wonderful summer...from all the Annesley Staff. Good luck to the children who have left us, to move to other schools.


Welcome to Nursery!


                 We are Parrot Group           We are Tiger Group 




We have lots of exciting things planned in nursery this half-term, please click on the icons at the top of the page to see what we've been doing!


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to come in and have a chat with myself or Miss Albon.



                                          Our Curriculum


In Nursery our learning is play based. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is split into seven areas.

Communication and Language

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design


We cover all of these areas through a variety of different play based activities.



                PE and Swimming



All children will be participating in PE every Wednesday. We will be playing PE games and engaging in dance to aid your child's physical development. 


Your child will swim once every two weeks. We alternate the swimming groups so that Tigers will swim with Miss Housley one week and Parrots will swim with Miss Taylor the next week. If you refer to the noticeboard outside on a Monday, you will be able to see which group is swimming that week. Please make sure that your child has their swimming kit, on that day, so that they can go in the pool. Girls will need to wear a full costume and boys will need swimming trunks. 






We will be baking every Friday morning. We kindly ask for a donation of 50p every week to contribute towards the baking costs. We have all really enjoyed baking so far this term! If you would like to see what we've been baking please look at the pictures uploaded on the topic page.

Archie Bear



Our school mascot is Archie the Bear. You can achieve with Archie is you are: 


Ambitious- Tricky is good

Respectful-We look after everyone and everything

Confident - We like to try new things

Honest - We always tell the truth

Independent - We try things on our own

Equal - We treat everyone the same


Home Learning

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