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It is so good to see you all back with us!

Numeracy tasks

W/C 29th June Extra Money Challenges

W/C 15th June - This week we will be looking at time. First we will focus on quarter past and quarter too. We will then move onto telling the time in 5 minute intervals. I know some of you have already mastered this, so can you take pictures of what happens at certain times of the day - Don't forget to challenge yourself and look at tricky times!

Welcome to Fluent in Five - Thank you Mrs.  Wraith for these amazing resources.


Fluent in Five - is based over six weeks and looks at quick daily arithmetic questions, designed to build fluent and confidence with pupils.  The worksheets are developed on year 2 SATs style questions, designed by maths experts.  

How to deliver Fluent in Five

W/C June 8th - Thank you for letting me know what you think of these resources. I am glad you are enjoying doing them. Don;t forget let me know if you need any help with anything!

W/C 1st June - Let me know how you are getting on with Fluency in Five. If you need any help or support then please let me know

W/C 25th May - Let me know if you need any help or support with anything.

W/C 18th May - Let me know if you need any help or support with anything.

W/C 11th May week 2 Fluent in Five. If you need any support/guidance then please do not hesitate to contact me.

W/C 4th May - Welcome to the first week of Fluent in Five in Year 2. . As this is the first week of Fluent in Five, questions this week are drawn from the areas of maths which children have already explored during their Year 1 learning journey.and reinforced again in year 2.

W/C  27th April - Complete the tasks below.  This is a new resource, which I am trying, so please let me know what you think.  

Week commencing 20th April - Count in fractions - if you are having difficult completing this please let me know. Remember to keep on practising telling the time and practising your tables on Sumdog, .

Measure in cm - use a ruler to help you understand how long different things are in cm.