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Please stay safe and well. See class pages for home learning ideas. Teachers have given their email addresses to each class for contact during school closure. They are loving the videos, pictures and messages that have been sent, please keep them coming, they are keeping us sane, as we are missing each and every one of you.

Magic Moments - for when life just couldn't be better .

Picture 1 Teamwork
Picture 2 'Where's me teeth?'
Picture 3 'Help! I'm trapped behind this invisible wall!'
Picture 4 Loads a money
Picture 5 Where shall I put this invisible box?
Picture 6 Wave ya hands in the air like ya just don't care
Picture 7 Dahlings....its just all too much
Picture 8 Expeliamus!!!
Picture 9 Getting my steps in...
Picture 10 What's he on about?
Picture 11 Are you sure this is how Miss.G has her coffee?
Picture 12 That lightbulb moment.
Picture 13 Becoming entrepreneurs.
Picture 14 If in doubt, be a unicorn.
Picture 15 The Knights of the Round Table.
Picture 16 Houston, we have a problem...
Picture 17 Who lives in a house like this?
Picture 18 Don't panic Captain Mainwaring...
Picture 19 Going potty..
Picture 20 RAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW! To those pesky QUADrilaterals
Picture 21 Attack of the killer tree!!
Picture 22 Red Lipped Bat Fish (off on a tangent)
Picture 23 A dedicated follower of fashion.
Picture 24 Our very own Knee High Ninja(black belt)
Picture 25 Impressing your teacher.
Picture 26 Santa's workshop in full production.
Picture 27 Dividing fractions - Keep Flip Change
Picture 28 Tooooooooooooooooooooobe
Picture 29 Like a puppet on a string.........
Picture 30 A prickly visitor.
Picture 31 WINNERS!!!
Picture 32 It's a duck..........eating a rabbit...........
Picture 33 ........and it's gone to penalties!!
Picture 34 ❤️❤️❤️O..........M..........G❤️❤️❤️
Picture 35 Being a 'THORsome' teacher.
Picture 36 Top Guns of the future.
Picture 37 Don't tell the Duchess...
Picture 38 It's a us ...Mario and Luigi.
Picture 39 Striking a pose.
Picture 40 A preview of Mr.Henshaws brand new book.
Picture 41 Last Christmas, I gave you my heart.......
Picture 42 ....not sure what happened to everyone else?....
Picture 43 ...scary....
Picture 44 Izaac's fabled diary has finally appeared !!!