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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Literacy and Numeracy Learning Videos

Look at the picture of Tom and discuss the questions below with an adult.

Who is Tom?

What is he doing?

Where is he going?

What has he got in his hand?

Where is he?

Does Tom remind you of anyone?

Do you think he is enjoying himself?  

How did he get there?

Write sentence to tell me all about the picture. You can use the questions below to help you write them, if you are struggling. Use the conjunctions' 'because', 'but', and ; 'when'

Where do you think this is?

What is happening?

What is living inside the water?

How did it get here?

Who made it?

What time of day is it?  How do you know?

Why does it look so peaceful?

What is going to happen?

Do not forget your sentence structure and handwriting.  If you are a joiner - remember to join your handwriting.  Write a sentence.  Check it makes sense, then write another one.  


Miss Housley's Adjective Challenge

Still image for this video
Find out where Miss Housley is doing this challenge. How many adjectives can you use to describe your image?

Success Ladder

Still image for this video
Use your success ladder to help when you do any writing. This way it will be like you are still working from school. Have fun!

What happens next in the story?

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You task is to write the next part of the story. What happens next? How is the character feeling? What can he see, touch, smell, hear, taste? Let's see who will be the most imaginative.

Describe the character.

Still image for this video
Can you describe one of my friends, or your own, using adjectives? Brainstorm a list of adjectives then use these to write interesting sentences about your character. If you think you are up for the challenge can you now write a story about what your characters has been doing. Remember to use expanded noun phrases - you know what these are now! Use your success ladder and your own imagination too. Have fun explaining your character you can be as imaginative as you like!

Miss Housley's Challenge

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Miss Housley has set up a special challenge for you to complete, as she is missing you all so much. Who can finish her challenge first? Send your completed designs to Miss Housley, or I and we will put them on the class page. Have fun making them!