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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Learning Challenges 6th July - 12th July

Weekly Learning Challenges

Feel free to send anything you have done to

We are changing the way in which we are doing home learning in Year 6 slightly.

The idea is that the home learning will mirror what we are doing in class as much as possible.

There are a few additional challenges on here as well to have a go at too.


It would be great to hear what you have been up to and see what you have been working on.


Here are some challenges to have a go at this week:

Maths Challenges


Have a go at these Maths challenges this week.

Have a go at the work for Summer Term Week 10 which looks at ratio, proportion and scale factors.

As always, let me know if you are struggling with anything.

Click the link to take you to the videos.

I've added the resources for each lesson below too.



Are you in the mood for some further Maths? If you have already tackled the ratio work previously, or want an extra challenge, then have a go at the extra White Rose Sheets too.

These ones cover co-ordinates, reflections and translations.

Here's another quick daily activity to flex those Maths muscles with.

Here are 3 reasoning questions per day to test your mathematical understanding with.

The answers are included to help you check how you did too, along with a 'mark scheme' to help with any that you may be unsure of.

Push yourself and give it a go!

Rapid Reasoning Week 4

English: Macbeth

We are continuing to look at Shakepeare's Macbeth. Go on, admit it. You're hooked aren't you?

How do you think it's going to end?


For each lesson, watch the relevant episode of this wonderful Macbeth BBC series, then have a go at the activity or activities linked to the episode. There are also some supporting materials and presentations for each lesson too.

As tempting as it might be, please do not jump ahead next to episode or episodes as this could really mess with the activities. Do not fear - we will definitely watch the entire play eventually over the coming weeks.


Below are some general resources for the unit that could prove helpful.

Lesson 12: Banquet Newspaper Plan (Episode 5: A Trap For Banquo)

Re-watch Episode 5: A Trap For Banquo.
Imagine that you are a journalist who has attended the banquet and will be writing an
article about the events of the evening.
Create a plan to help you write a newspaper article next session.

Lesson 13: Banquet Newspaper (Episode 5: A Trap For Banquo)

Re-watch Episode 5: A Trap For Banquo.

Imagine that you are a journalist who has attended the banquet and are writing an article about the events of the evening.

Use you plan from the previous session to help.

Lesson 14: The Witches’ Spell (Episode 6: Something Wicked This Way Comes)

Watch Episode 6: Something Wicked This Way Comes.
Try writing your own version of the witches’ spell.

Try and follow the same format: 7 syllables per line and rhyming couplets.

Lesson 15: Describing Macbeth (Episode 7: Preparing For Battle)

Watch Episode 7: Preparing For Battle.
Consider Macbeth at this stage in the story.
Zone of relevance: Use the word bank, the more accurate the word, the closer to the centre it goes. Add your own words too.

Once completed, try writing a character description of Macbeth at this point of the story.
Consider not just his physical appearance, but his actions, emotions, motives and personality.


Look at the images below. Who do you recognise?




Choose 3 or 4 well known naturalists/animal behaviourists and try to include the following in your biographical information:


Area of specialism/type of scientist


What they are known for in particular

The significance and impact of their work

(e.g. raising awareness, furthering scientific understanding, educating through public programming, conservation etc)


These websites may be useful.




              Make a WANTED poster to advertise for the sort of friend you might like to meet at your new school, using words and/or picture.




              Spend time working on an ADVERT poster, describing the qualities you can offer to someone who needs a friend  themselves. Be clear – for example, I am a good listener, I will be honest,  I won’t ignore you.




Look at these images. Can you see what they have in common?




Each image contains a geometrical shape for example - a hexagon, a pentagon, a triangle. Choose one shape and work on it to produce your own design. You can draw your shape and cut it out to use as a template.


Having looked at Animal habitats now have a go at designing your own ideal habitat!

Think about

       Location: Where would you like to live. By the sea? In a lighthouse. In the woods In a             busy town centre?

     Type of home:  Something unusual, a boat, a windmill, a tower, a luxury tent? 

     Exterior design  -  draw or describe the outside.                            

     Interior design  -  draw or describe the inside.

    Can you draw a floor plan for each level in your house? Remember, a floor plan is a bird's eye            view looking down on something