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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Learning Challenges 29th June - 5th July

Weekly Learning Challenges

Feel free to send anything you have done to

We are changing the way in which we are doing home learning in Year 6 slightly.

The idea is that the home learning will mirror what we are doing in class as much as possible.

There are a few additional challenges on here as well to have a go at too.


It would be great to hear what you have been up to and see what you have been working on.


Here are some challenges to have a go at this week:

Maths Challenges


Have a go at these Maths challenges this week.

Have a go at the work for Summer Term Week 9 which looks at area and volume (including area of triangles and quadrilaterals).

As always, let me know if you are struggling with anything.

Click the link to take you to the videos.

I've added the resources for each lesson below too.

Here's another quick daily activity to flex those Maths muscles with.

Here are 3 reasoning questions per day to test your mathematical understanding with.

The answers are included to help you check how you did too, along with a 'mark scheme' to help with any that you may be unsure of.

Push yourself and give it a go!

Rapid Reasoning Week 3

English: Macbeth

We are continuing to look at Shakepeare's Macbeth. What do you think of the play so far?

It's really starting to get gruesome now!


For each lesson, watch the relevant episode of this wonderful Macbeth BBC series, then have a go at the activity or activities linked to the episode. There are also some supporting materials and presentations for each lesson too.

As tempting as it might be, please do not jump ahead next to episode or episodes as this could really mess with the activities. Do not fear - we will definitely watch the entire play eventually over the coming weeks.


Below are some general resources for the unit that could prove helpful.

Lesson 8: Who is responsible for Duncan’s Death? (Episode 3: Daggers For Duncan)
Look at the quote for each character. What does it tell us about their involvement in
Duncan’s death? Can you identify: Why they are guilty of causing Duncan’s death? What
were their motives in killing Duncan? What defense do they have against these accusations?


Once you have considered all of the suspects, write a conclusion explaining who you think is
the most responsible for the death of King Duncan. Make sure that you justify your choice
and explain why you think this in as much detail as possible.

Lesson 9: Planning Banquo’s Monologue (Episode 4: All Hail, Macbeth! King of Scotland!)
Watch Episode 4: All Hail, Macbeth! King of Scotland!
Think about what Banquo is thinking at this point in the story. What are his feelings and how
do we know he feels this way?
You will use this information as a plan to help you write a monologue next session

All Hail, Macbeth! King of Scotland!

Lesson 10: Banquo’s Monologue Conscience Alley (Episode 4: All Hail, Macbeth! King of

Look back at Banquo’s feelings and thoughts from last lesson.
Use these to help write a monologue exploring Banquo’s thoughts and feelings at this point
in the story.
Lesson 11: Banquet Character Feelings and Thoughts (Episode 5: A Trap For Banquo)
Watch Episode 5: A Trap For Banquo.
What are the thoughts of each character at the start, in the middle and at the end of the

A Trap for Banquo



Unfortunately, there is not long left until the end of the year and your time as a Year 6!

Because of this, we will be doing an awful lot of work around transition too prepare you as much as possible for your move to secondary school in September.

We appreciate that it will be more difficult to do this from your homes, especially as there will be many discussions around transition that will be difficult to take part in due to our current situation. We will try to support you as much as possible by providing resources, links and as much information as possible in order to help you as much as we can.


This week we will begin looking at ourselves and begin to discuss the best sort of attitude to have moving forwards. We are continuing to use the Be Awesome Go Big resources. Have a go at the next few sessions:

We have been looking at some common worries that children have about moving to senior school. This week we have talked about meeting new people and making new friends. The answer is SMILE, if you look friendly people will want to be your friend. Be yourself and be the person that starts those first conversations.

Remember , everyone is is a new experience for you all.

Picture 1
Picture 2

How to make friends HACKS


                                        How I like to learn.


 No one knows you as well as you know yourself.

 What would you like a new teacher to know about you and how you learn?

 Think about your answers to the following questions


  • What is your favourite lesson?
  • Why do you particularly like this lesson?
  • How do you learn best?
  • What do you consider to be your learning style?
  • What do you find difficult in lessons?
  • Do you think there is a way the  lesson could be taught differently in order to incorporate your learning style?


Look at these statements and choose  four of them which best match how you like to learn


  • I enjoy writing on my own
  • I like to learn particularly by using my hands
  • I enjoy sharing ideas and understand best when I can talk things through
  • I enjoy copying things down and then repeat them until I know the facts.
  • I tend to remember facts best by drawing them out or visualising them in my head
  • I enjoy doing problems with apparatus, for example, building using cubes etc
  • I like doing calculations/sums on paper
  • I enjoy sorting out problems with apparatus such as cubes or counters
  • I tend to get fidgety when the teacher talks for too long in lessons
  • I enjoy lessons that have a mixture of writing and practical tasks
  • I like listening to the teacher talk
  • I like to work on my own






Katerina Apale paints works inspired by nature. Her work is colourful and playful. She has a beautiful technique when it comes to blending her colours and has shared that she wants her work to be seen as positive and bright.


Can you use bright colours to create a picture of a tropical rainforest animal?




What do you know about this animal and its habitat?


There are six different kinds of ___________ living in Antarctica. They include the Adelie, King, Gentoo, Chinstrap and Macaroni penguins.  The largest is the ___________ penguin, which grows to over one ________ in height and can weigh up to ____ kg.  Emperor penguins lay their eggs in the _________, always in the same place.  The _________ penguin lays just one egg and the male looks after it by placing it on his _______.


Fill in the spaces with the information

Emperor                   40                   Female

Penguin            Metre          Feet         Winter

How well do you know your penguins?

No, not a Penguin that is edible. These.

Can you identify them?