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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Learning Challenges 13th July - 19th July

Weekly Learning Challenges

Feel free to send anything you have done to

We are changing the way in which we are doing home learning in Year 6 slightly.

The idea is that the home learning will mirror what we are doing in class as much as possible.

There are a few additional challenges on here as well to have a go at too.


It would be great to hear what you have been up to and see what you have been working on.


Here are some challenges to have a go at this week:

Maths Challenges


Have a go at these Maths challenges this week.

Have a go at the work for Summer Term Week 11 which looks at angles.

As always, let me know if you are struggling with anything.

Click the link to take you to the videos.

I've added the resources for each lesson below too.



Are you in the mood for some further Maths? If you have already tackled the ratio work previously, or want an extra challenge, then have a go at the extra White Rose Sheets too.

These ones cover the 4 operations and are great for a re-cap of basic skills.

Here's another quick daily activity to flex those Maths muscles with.

Here are 3 reasoning questions per day to test your mathematical understanding with.

The answers are included to help you check how you did too, along with a 'mark scheme' to help with any that you may be unsure of.

Push yourself and give it a go!

Rapid Reasoning Week 5

English: Macbeth

We are continuing to look at Shakepeare's Macbeth. We're reaching the end now. Have you enjoyed it? Were your predictions as to what will happen correct?


For each lesson, watch the relevant episode of this wonderful Macbeth BBC series, then have a go at the activity or activities linked to the episode. There are also some supporting materials and presentations for each lesson too.


Below are some general resources for the unit that could prove helpful.

Lesson 16: Planning Lady Macbeth’s Diary (Episode 7: Preparing For Battle)

Watch Episode 7: Preparing For Battle.
Consider how Lady Macbeth has been feeling at 3 different points in the story. Write down her thoughts and feelings for each event.
You will use this as a plan for writing 3 different diary entries from the perspective of Lady Macbeth.

Preparing for Battle

Lesson 17: Lady Macbeth’s Diary (Episode 7: Preparing For Battle)

Look back at Lady Macbeth’s feelings and thoughts from last lesson.
Use these to help write 3 diary entries from different parts of the story, exploring her different thoughts and feelings at each stage.

Lesson 18: News Report on the Battle (Episode 8: Birnnam Wood comes to Dunsinane)

Imagine you are a news presenter. You are going to explain the events of the final battle in as much detail as possible.

Write a script for your report and try and keep your tone as formal as possible.

Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane

Lesson 19: Story Summary

Consider the key events of the play Macbeth. First of all, sequence the events from first to last by numbering the pictures 1 to 12.

Then, write a brief summary of the events of the play. Be concise, but include all of the key details.


This challenge is all about a paper craft called Quilling. This involves rolling up tight spirals or coils of paper and using them to create pictures and designs.




These images are a couple of ideas. 


Have a go.

Can you create a Rainbow out of quilling? 

Think of nature images , habitats,  animals, space, underwater anything you want to try!


This website may help as it provides clear instructions.


There are also YouTube clips to help.





Try simple experiments at home this week. Look for ideas on the web.

Did you know you can make a tornado in a bottle?



Make sure the seal between the two bottle necks is leak proof ! 

Perhaps try this one outside?!


 Create your own tornado in a bottle. All you need is two bottles, a tube to connect the bottles, and some water.

When you whirl the liquid in the top bottle, it creates a vortex as it drains into the bottom bottle. That's because as the water flows down, air must flow up, creating a spiraling tornado.

You can even add glitter, food dye, or lamp oil to the bottle to make the tornado even cooler.



As you are preparing to move forward into Year 7 at your

new school the BBC website is there to support you.



Lots of useful information and a discussion between a boy who is joining year 7 and a teacher. Have a listen. Many of your questions may be answered. Remember we are all here to help you. We have all actually been there and survived year 6 to year 7 transition!