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It is so good to see you all back with us!

Here are some learning videos, spelling lists and useful websites to look at, from Mrs.Melhuish.

Useful maths reasoning questions

Pictures to read... Study the picture and talk about the questions underneath

Aaron-Becker from Once upon a picture

What is the Dad doing?

Why is the girl standing behind him?

Why is she dragging a kite on the floor? 

Does the Dad know she is there?

How is she feeling? What is she thinking?

Do you think this has happened before? 

Pictures to read. Study the picture and talk about the questions underneath

Glenn-Kim-Andys-Room from Once Upon  a Picture

What are Andy's interests?

What type of person is Andy?

How old do you think Andy is?

Read this Picture


Write 2 sentences about the picture above using because and but as conjunctions.

Why is the boy hanging from the tree?

How does he feel and why?

How does the girl feel and how do we know?

Why is she wearing ice skates and he isn't?

What country do you think this is in? Why do you think that?

What is she saying to him?

How is he going to get down?

What happened 5 minutes before this picture?

What will happen next?

Great printable worksheets /game to go with my video...Do the maths first..draw the whole, then divide into half or quarters, then work out the maths before circling the objects

Look at the cylinders that you have in your food cupboard. Can you design some new labels for the tins of beans...spaghetti hoops?

Can you re label cylinders in your house?

Can you read this picture?

The invisible girl....Pascal-Campion

Can you answer these questions about the picture above?

Is the girl really invisible?

Why isn’t anyone looking at her or speaking to her?

What is she doing?

What might she be saying?

Where do you think this is?

Why is she alone?

Where does she live?

Draw what you think her house looks like.

Have a go at this reading comprehension about Dogs. There are 3 levels. If you are on purple books do the last one. If you are on orange or turquoise books do the middle one. Everyone else do the first one. Good luck!

Make symmetrical pictures with Nature. Build a twig frame..have a twig mirror line (line of symmetry) and away you go!

The mirror line isn't always in the same place

Have a go at completing the other half of these pictures

Can you write some questions about this picture below? Who? Where? Why? What? When?

Write a list of things you would find at the zoo or at the beach. Remember the commas between each word and just 1 and before the last word.

Use this worksheet to help with spellings for lists using pictures above

x tables equal groups worksheet

Have a go at this array worksheet...Remember you can x in any order.

Fun music teaching video below that teaches rhythm

Useful links 

Use these websites to support your child's learning at home