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School is busy starting plans for our return.

Half Term

Let's have some fun over half term!

How is your sunflower doing?

Here's Kyles - 105cm: that's over a metre tall!

Sit back, relax and think back to our ukulele sessions with Joel

Still image for this video

Rainbow Walk 


You could go on a rainbow walk, in your garden or around the local areas and see how many different colours you can find.  Take a photo then make it into a rainbow.

Here are two of my rainbow walks. 

Out on today’s walk I set myself the walking rainbow challenge 🌈
Thank goodness for the postbox! No red flowers about at the moment ... come on poppies & strawberries 🍓 

Here is my garden rainbow - not sure I got blue but I'm close!

Bobby's Rainbow Ride!



Make your worries float away!

Float away your worries sheet

Let's get active

Three new exercises from 'go noodle' 

Just click on the picture to have a go!




Okay then....................... 4 new ones - I love this oneheart




Let's Explore 

You can download the sheet below

Where did you find most of your mini-beasts?

We're going on a mini-beast hunt sheet

Why not complete this scavenger hunt whilst out looking for mini beasts?


You can print off a copy of the sheet below.
Don't cheat, gather your evidence.

Nature's scavenger hunt

Let's take on a challenge


Here are some maths top trump cards - see if you can remember how to do some of these tricky things?


Maths top trump card challenges

Now try solving these puzzles.... You might need matchsticks or cocktail sticks to help.
Let's start off with the easier ones.