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Welcome to Annesley Primary School. Well done everyone, an amazing week for attendance with most classes achieving our aim of 96%. As a school we achieved an attendance of 96.09%, above our target. The winners of this weeks attendance trophy is Doves with 98%. Well done.

Good Work

Autumn Term Good Worker of the Week

Well done goes to:


10.2.23 - Well done Amelia!  You are really coming out of your shell.  You are working hard and this is showing in all of your  work.  Your reading and maths assessments show how determined to achieve you are.  Keep on believing in yourself!  keep on reaching for those stars and you will go far! 

20.1.23 - Way to go Tate!  You are an artist in the making.  Your Greek vase was amazing.  You paid attention to detail, including all the Ancient Greek designs that you had researched.  You took your time to replicate your own version with precision and accuracy.  Well done Tate - keep up the good work!

13.1.23- George, this week and every week since being back after Christmas you have tried so hard! You are like a new person and we definitely have noticed your change. Your work this week has been beautifully presented and the contents is outstanding, especially your Zeus poem during independent write. You performed it to the class with excellent tone and volume and even though you said you were nervous, you absolutely smashed it! Keep this up George, well done! 

6.1.23- India, coming back after Christmas can be difficult to get back into the groove but you have continued to impress us with many things, including your handwriting. It can be hard to keep up consistent handwriting in all of your work, but you are showing everyone that it can be done. The progress you’ve made is amazing, keep it up! Well done!

16.12.22Bella, you go above and beyond in everything you do.  You have been extremely busy this week, but it has not affected any aspect of your work.  Your concentration is infectious - I especially love the intense look you give me when you are concentrating.  Keep up the good work and keep on aiming high!  

9.12.22- Dylan, you are becoming such an aspiring Year 4 student. Always having high expectations for yourself and getting 100% correct answers in your maths this week just proves that all your hard work pays off. High hopes mean high success rates, well done you!

25.11.22- Poppy, you are such an amazing example to your class with the effort and pride you take in all of your work. Your work in D&T this week was brilliant, labelling all the resources correctly and being able to explain your reasons (which can sometimes be the trickiest part). Well done!

18.11.22- Ella, you are such a fantastic writer, taking so much pride in presentation as well as the fabulous quality of writing you can achieve! Self editing and including all of those learned skills in literacy, well done!

11.11.22- Jaiden, you have taken such pride in your work this week and even when things seem tricky, after a little support you are off on your own doing such independent work! You know your goals and you are not letting anything get in your way, well done!

4.11.22- Jude, you have impressed us all with your amazing consistency in handwriting. Not only is it neat but you join correctly and you work always looks brilliant.