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Welcome to Annesley Primary School. Attendance results from the last week before 1/2 term are in. Another great week and close to our target again. As a school our attendance was 94.72%. The winners of the weeks attendance trophy is Doves with 99%. Well done.

Good Work

Summer Term Good Worker of the Week


Well done goes to:

Friday 19th May is Jonah

Jonah did a fantastic piece of writing about the life cycle of a chick. He remembered capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Well done Jonah I think you are almost ready for year 1!


Friday 12th May is Lola

Lola did a piece of writing this week that shows that she is almost ready for year 1. She had capital letters, finger spaces and good phonic knowledge to produce some fantastic sentences about how wool is produced. You really impressed me Lola!


Friday 5th May is Charlie

Charlie has impressed with his shape work and spatial reasoning, using shapes to copy pictures and create his own arrangements of shapes. Great work Charlie


Friday 28th April is Willow

Willow has really impressed this week with her writing. She concentrated really hard and worked independently and with more confidence. Well done Willow!


Friday 21st April is Alfie 

Alfie really impressed with his wonderful letter formation when writing sentences about the story Farmer Duck. Well done Alfie!

Spring Term Good Worker of the week


Well done goes to:

Friday 24th March is Jake

Jake has been really impressing in maths this week. We have been looking at 3D shapes and Jake has been really thinking hard about the properties of the different shapes and talking about them during group work time. Well done Jake!


Friday 17th March is Billie

Billie has been working really hard, especially with her writing which has made huge improvements. She is writing sentences all by herself using all of our new sounds. Keep it up Billie we are so proud of you!


Friday 3rd March is Charlie

Charlie was really worried about taking part in Forest Schools, however, he gave it a go and realised that it was lots of fun. He did a great job collecting sticks to make into a house for the three pigs. Well done for being brave and giving something new a go.


Friday 24th February is Jordan

Jordan has impressed with her fantastic letter formation and the effort she makes every time she does any writing jobs. She takes her time to ensure that it is her very best work every time. Well done Jordan.


Friday 10th February is Jake

Jake has impressed this week with his knowledge of endangered animals. We read the story Oi Get Off My Train about endangered animals and Jake shared lots of facts with his friends in class. 


Friday 3rd February is Quinn

Quinn has impressed this week with his maths. He has been able to explain his understanding of capacity and use the new vocabulary we learnt. Keep up the good work Quinn.


Friday 20th January is Elara

Elara painted a really good picture of an Arctic Owl. She really thought about the shapes and colours she needed and produced a really good painting. Well done Elara.


Friday 13th January is Aleeza

Aleeza always works really hard at everything we do in class but has particularly impressed me with how hard she has worked on improving her letter formation. Well done Aleeza keep it up!


Friday 6th January is Joey

Our star of the week is Joey for some really good maths work. We were looking at different ways of making 5 and Joey was very systematic in his approach and gave good explanations about what he had tried and why. Well done, Joey!

Autumn Term Good Worker of the week 


Well done goes to:

Friday 16th December 

Our star of the week is Lola for some fantastic independent writing this week. Well done Lola! You impressed me with your independence and your fantastic letter formation. 

Friday 9th December.

Our star of the week is Lucas for saving the Christmas play and stepping in to be our donkey. Thank you Lucas, you were fantastic!

Friday 25.11.22 is Lucas

Lucas has impressed all of the adults during reading squad this week with how hard he is working on his reading. Well done Lucas we are proud of you!

Friday 18.11.22 is Alfie

Alfie has really impressed this week with his independent writing and his explanations about shapes and their properties in Maths. You have been working so hard all week and we are so proud of you, well done!

Friday 11.11.22 is Arthur

Arthur did some fantastic independent writing, sounding out his words carefully and forming his letters correctly. Well done Arthur, we are so proud of you for working so hard!

Friday 04.11.22 is Milo

You have worked really hard on your letter formation in phonics this week. Well done Milo we are so proud of you!

Friday 07.10.22 is Lottie

She retold the story of The Enormous Turnip brilliantly! Well done Lottie.

Friday 30.09.22 is Kutenda .

He did some excellent maths work this week and explained his thinking about what would fit inside our box in maths. 

Friday 23.09.22 is Jack 

Jack has worked really hard this week on listening for and identifying the initial sound in lots of objects. Well done Jack! I am so proud of you for working so hard. 

Friday 16.09.22 is Oscar

He has been working really hard on writing our letter sounds and is practising all of the time during free flow time. Well done Oscar we are really proud of you!