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Welcome to Annesley Primary School. Well done everyone, an amazing week for attendance with most classes achieving our aim of 96%. As a school we achieved an attendance of 96.09%, above our target. The winners of this weeks attendance trophy is Doves with 98%. Well done.

Good Work

24/3/23 CALLUM - You are an exceptional mathematician Callum but I have been really impressed with your attitude towards Maths. You are really pushing yourself and constantly challenging yourself to really deepen your Maths knowledge. You have also been checking your work more thoroughly to avoid those little mistakes that are all too easy to make. Keep it up!

17/3/2023 - HARRY. Your are really impressing me at the moment. Your hand is up, you’re having a go and your attitude to learning has massively improved. Plus, your handwriting has come on tremendously this last few weeks. Well done, keep it up.

3/3/23 - FREDDIE. You have really impressed with your switched on attitude towards your work in class, especially in Math sessions and in group work. You are eager to learn and keep looking to push your learning further. Keep up the fantastic attitude.

24/2/23 LILY. You are always incredibly enthusiastic, no matter what the lesson, but you have especially impressed this week with your work in music. You really engaged with the lesson, had a smile on your face throughout and showed some wonderful confidence in playing a melody on the glockenspiel. Keep up the amazing attitude.

10/3/23 - JODIE. You have produced some exceptional artwork based on Charles Darwin's observational pencil sketches. You applied all of techniques that we studied in lesson and the care and attention that you have taken over your work really shows. Well done Jodie!

3/2/23 - CALUM. You have really impressed with your hard work in Maths over the past few weeks. It is a subject that you do not always find easy, but you have shown some excellent confidence in converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. Keep up the excellent attitude towards your Maths work. Well done!

20/01/23 - MAGGIE - You have been incredibly focused since returning from the Christmas break. Your hand is up more in class - both answering and asking questions, which is brilliant. This is reflecting in your work, which is improving day on day. Well done.

13/1/23 - LEAH. You have developed an absolutely fantastic attitude towards your learning as well as a brilliant work ethic. It is obvious that you want to do well in your learning. You are taking on board everything that we are learning in class and working hard to apply this in your work. This is reflected in the excellent spelling scores and Maths work that you have been producing recently. Keep it up!

6/1/23 - SUMMER. Not only do you always work incredibly hard in all that you do, but the presentation of your work is always fabulous. Whilst you don't always find writing easy, you always ensure that your work is neatly presented and that your handwriting is clear, well formed and legible. You always try to make sure that the work you have done is of a high quality too and it certainly impressed when you went over your work again to ensure that it was the best that it could be. Keep it up!

16/12/22 - BRINLEY You always approach everything with a huge smile on your face, but you have been absolutely outstanding in terms of your singing and enjoyment of the Key Stage 2 Christmas Market and Singalong this week. Your voice was clear, you sang with enthusiasm and really went for it. This is a wonderful reflection of your attitude towards your classwork too. Fantastic work Brinley, keep it up!

09/12/2022 - GRACE . You have really stepped up and impressed us with your learning, especially in maths, this week. You are really pushing yourself and your confidence is growing. Your hand is now up more and you have been having a go at our Review Board, explaining some tricky concepts to the rest of the class. Well done.

25/11/2022 - JESSICA-MAY. You are just a delight to have in our class. You work hard, are always ready to learn and a good friend to everyone. This week you have impressed me with your sewing skills - learning three new types of stitching. Well done.

18/11/2022 - VEER. You have been outstanding this week, especially in Maths. We all know you are amazing at times tables and you are beginning to apply this knowledge throughout maths. This week you have tackled our tricky Review Board and it didn’t go as well as you hoped...BUT you persevered and got there in the end.You may not always get it right but you take it on the chin, with a smile on your face. Well done.

10/11/22 - ORLA. You are one of our quieter members in class but I know you are always going to be doing the right thing. This week we have been blown away by your Science work - accurate, great scientific vocabulary and beautifully presented. Well done.

3/11/22 - KYLE. You are beginning to fly in all areas of our learning: Math, English, Science.......Plus your work is always beautifully presented in every book, so ( for our handwriting theme in Good Work) it has to be you this week. Well done.