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Latest Newsletter available for November - Don't forget to check your emails regularly for the latest information. - Attendance News: A week plagued with Chicken Pox and other illnesses this week. Congratulations to Jays Class who managed to achieve 94.4% and are our weekly attendance winners. Hopefully next week we will all be well and can have a great week and improve on the school weekly attendance of 85.04%

Good Work

25/11/2022 - JESSICA-MAY. You are just a delight to have in our class. You work hard, are always ready to learn and a good friend to everyone. This week you have impressed me with your sewing skills - learning three new types of stitching. Well done.

18/11/2022 - VEER. You have been outstanding this week, especially in Maths. We all know you are amazing at times tables and you are beginning to apply this knowledge throughout maths. This week you have tackled our tricky Review Board and it didn’t go as well as you hoped...BUT you persevered and got there in the end.You may not always get it right but you take it on the chin, with a smile on your face. Well done.

10/11/22 - ORLA. You are one of our quieter members in class but I know you are always going to be doing the right thing. This week we have been blown away by your Science work - accurate, great scientific vocabulary and beautifully presented. Well done.

3/11/22 - KYLE. You are beginning to fly in all areas of our learning: Math, English, Science.......Plus your work is always beautifully presented in every book, so ( for our handwriting theme in Good Work) it has to be you this week. Well done.