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Please stay safe and well. See class pages for home learning ideas. Teachers have given their email addresses to each class for contact during school closure. They are loving the videos, pictures and messages that have been sent, please keep them coming, they are keeping us sane, as we are missing each and every one of you.

Golden Book


Golden Book 




November- Kerry. You are such an asset to our class. You are helpful, to me and your classmates. You always work hard and put in the effort(we won't mention your handwriting!). I am really enjoying being your teacher already this year.

December- Cadon. You are a fantastic member of our class. You work hard all the time and this has shown in our recent assessments. You have the most perfect manners, which is lovely. You listen and take on board everything I say and it is a real pleasure to teach you.

January - Jessica H. You are a fantastic member of our class, always ready to learn and this is showing in your improving work. You are super organised , even keeping me tidy (thank you). You work hard at being friends with everyone and are popular because of this. Keep dong what your doing Jess because you are 'practically perfect in every way'.

February - Ethan, you are a very vibrant member of my class. You are a cheeky chappy, with a massive grin on your face all the time. You will have a go and join in with everything, from Mr.Henshaws sports clubs to crochet club on Thursdays and chess club. Your work in class is improving and you are ambitious, always wanting to do your best. Yes, you do still shout out sometimes but this is getting better. You are amazing Ethan and I love having you in my class.

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