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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!



This week  are looking at our local area  and places we are able to visit.

We can visit places in lots of different ways - online , virtual tours, in images, and visit following stay safe advice.

This place is 15  miles from Annesley and is called Bolsover Castle. 

William I granted the manor of Bolsover to William Peverel in 1086 and it is positioned on a rocky ridge overlooking the surrounding Derbyshire countryside.



What can you find out about Bolsover Castle ? Are you lucky enough to have been? What was your visit like? What might you see if you visited?

Can you draw a picture of Bolsover Castle using anything you wish. It could be a black and white sketch, a painting. It is up to you. If you really want to challenge yourself you could make a model of the castle.

To go with your work make a leaflet containing the facts you are able to discover.

Think about what the first castle was made of. The materials used to build the current castle. Why it was built in this location. We look forward to seeing your work.



Planning a Journey


Now that you have had a look at Bolsover Castle I want you to use the internet or a normal map to plan a journey from your house to Bolsover Castle. You can use any form of transport, bus, train, or you can even walk (if you are mad like myself). Please do not try to use an aeroplane as there are no airports nearby.


Use the following links to help you and send me your journey itinerary. What is the quickest time you can get there? , what is the slowest?