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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!


Diary Writing


This week we are looking at Diary writing. Watch my video and remember what we need to include in a diary entry, write in first person (use the pronoun I), chronological order (morning to evening), slang language, (I don't want to sleep) and use your feelings (Today was a horrible day, I am so sad and fed up, it is raining, the internet is broken and Mr E has sent more math work. Why?)

Diary writing

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Here is an extract from Mrs McGowan's Diary - well actually her cat's diary ! In the style of Anne Fine's "Diary of a Killer Cat."


As you read it,think, is everything that should be in a diary entry there? Look at the language,the order of events, the beginning,the end.


                                                                                                                 Friday 5th June 2020

Dear Diary,

Today I have done what comes naturally for a cat.

When my owner came downstairs , I asked to be fed. Loudly, so she could not miss me!

However, before I got my breakfast,I had to have my medicine. I am only prepared to take it if I am bribed with cheese. I sit patiently next to the dining table- not on it as that would be rude! I allow my owner to give me my tablet. This happens twice a day, so I get my favourite food twice a day, aren't I clever!

After breakfast I wandered out into the garden to check everything was as it should be. I had a quick drink from the bowl of water on the step, keeping an eye open for next doors cat " Kitty." She is much bigger than me so I keep out of her way, even though she sits on  my bench. Now that's rude!

My next task is to groom myself, carefully, so I always look my best.


Really, my whole day is spent eating, sleeping and occasionally allowing my owner to nurse me.

Right,  that's enough from me . Go and do the tasks someone called Mr Eccleston has asked you to do.

Send it in so my owner and I can share it.

See you later.



Now write a diary entry of your own.