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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!


Create your lock down poem


Jays, we are finishing poetry this week and \i would like you to create and perform your poem so \i can add it to the web page. Remember to use what we have learnt, simile, metaphors and personification as well as Haiku's, Limericks and shape poetry. I have created three poems which I have put on a video and added below. I have also included a poet who I have come to really love called the Yorkshire Poet. Have a look at his video and tell me what you think. Remember share your poems I would love to read them, well done Jays.

Mr E's poems

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Check out my Haiku, Limerick and poem about lock-down.



Skies and Oceans clean,

No smoke is choking the earth. 

The birds are singing.




There was once a boy called Pierre,

Who lived in a time of fear.

He couldn't go out,

He wanted to shout, 

The end of that time is so near.

My thoughts


I wake to hear a chorus of birds,

Who sing to each other with hope.

The world seems much quieter and calm,

The wildlife makes it easier to cope.

We all have our own stories to share,

Some happy, some funny, and also some sad.

Our family and friends make us smile and us laugh,

The weather so nice, prevents us from all going mad.

The world has now changed for what seems the better,

With less cars, less planes and lots less pollution.

Lets enjoy it and keep it this way for our children,

Lets not lose the chance for an environmental revolution.





Mrs McGowan's limerick

There was a young lady from Derby

Who said it’s driving me barmy

I’m learning a song

which keeps going wrong

Which annoyed the young lady from Derby.


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