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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Easter Holiday


Below you will find lot of creative and fun things to keep you busy over the EASTER holidays 

Some of the photos sent to me this week

Maths Challenge 


Have a go with the card maths game below - the whole family can join in 

Play it - Card game

Here is a booklet with some ideas

Easter Design Challenge

Sunflower Seed planting 


How giant will your sunflower seed grow???? 

We have just planted ours. 

Austen's sunflower is now 4cm tall and mine is just a pot of dirt!!!!




Here are the super sowers so far!

Lucas has had a go at his own bird feeder - great stuff Lucas, the birds will appreciate this!

Can you make your own walking horse????? 

Click on the picture below and follow the instructions 



Yummy - what about some Easter Nest cakes. 


We will be having a go at these (even I can't get these wrong)

Click on the image below to take you to the recipe 


POM POM making fun!!

Austen and I have gone pom pom made. 


Have a go at making your own creations. 

They are super simple and you only need a bit of card and any wool! 

Click on the image below for a simple video to follow.

(this is my very own creation)


I will add photos of our creations as we make them. 

Photos of pom pom makes - sorry about the dog - he 'photo bombed'

Get outdoors 


Have your own Easter races 



  • Egg and Spoon.
  • Bunny hops, this could be a race or long jump kind of contest.
  • collect the eggs race. along the route line up eggs or something to use as eggs and the racers collect them in a basket or bucket.
  • Easter obstacle course. Hop skip and jump round a home made obstacle course.