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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Easter challenges

Easter Home Learning challenge -
Draw or paint an Easter picture. You could paint the Easter bunny, flowers, chicks, Easter eggs. 
Send me a picture of your drawing/painting and I will add it to our class page on the website so all of your friends can see it too.
Happy Easter from Mrs Joesbury and Mrs Gibson



Hello Everyone,
I have another learning challenge for you. The weather at the moment is lovely, so whilst out and about on your daily exercise can you collect 10 interesting objects. The objects can be anything you find interesting. When you get home can you carefully count them to check you have 10 and then sort the objects. You might sort them according to shape eg put all the round objects together and the long objects together. You could sort them by colour or anyway you like. Send me some pictures of the objects you collect and the ways you sorted them. 
Stay safe everyone. I am looking forward to seeing what you collect. 
Happy Easter from Mrs Joesbury


Maths challenge

If we were at school we would be learning about repeating patterns. A repeating pattern is something that repeats over and over e.g red, blue, red, blue etc. I would like you to make a repeating pattern using objects found in your garden or around your house. I have included a picture as an example. Send me a picture of your pattern. Can you get really clever and use three objects in your pattern? I look forward to seeing your patterns.
Mrs Joesbury