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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

30th March - 3rd April

30th March - 3rd April 

Below are some challenges set for this week

WOWSER - We had some fabulous work sent in. 

Well done Falcon class! 


DRUM ROLL please ............................. Harry was our WINNER of the Deforestation project and he chose to adopt a gorilla for our class. 

Harry's work is below and had everything I asked for and more!

Take a look. 


Thank you and well done goes to Lucas to a fantastically persuasive report!


Lily as always with you writing you did a great job with punctuation and ambitious vocabulary.


Finally Matthew S, you did some super science with technical vocabulary and an excellent report with e thoughtful photo pose at the end - which really made me think! 


I have put examples of all the work sent below! 


Both Mrs Knowles and I would love to receive any photos or work and it would be great to get some more work from Falcon's class over the next couple of weeks.

My email address is

English Challenge


We have learnt so much about how many amazing creatures live in the world's rainforest.  Well sadly they are disappearing due to DEFORESTATION. 


This week the challenge is:


Produce a report on why deforestation should be stopped.  You can do your report in anyway you like.  You can do a powerpoint report, a video report, a written report - the chose is yours.  Please submit your work to my email address ( by midday on Friday 3rd of April.  The child with the  winning report will get to choose which animal I sponsor for the class through the WWF.ORG.UK. 


Try to use: 


Persuasive language 

modal verbs - should, must, might 

relative clauses 

fronted adverbials 

repetition for effect

useful facts  


Below I have put some videos to help you with your project. 


I have also put some links to the WWF organisation, as these have some useful facts too. 


There are some examples of report too that you might find helpful to look at for ideas. 


Time lapse of Amazon rainforest

Still image for this video
It shows how the land goes from green to brown. Look at how much rainforest has been lost.

Daily Maths Challenge 

30th March 

Click on the image above this is exactly where we finished in our final week. 

Please choose WEEK 1 lesson 3 video. 

The resources are below for you to use. 

31st March 



Click on the link above and complete lesson 4 - Understanding Thousandths. 

Watch the video and then complete the sheet below - I have also included the answers. 

1st March 

Click above - watch the video and complete the activity for lesson 5 - Thousands as decimals.

Below you will find the activity sheet and the answers  

2nd April 



Click on the image above and complete week 2 Day 1 - rounding decimals. 

Below are the activities that go with lesson video. 

3rd April 


Click on the image above and complete week 2 Day 2 - ordering and comparing decimals. 

Below are the activities that go with lesson video. 

Arithmetic Week 1 

Test below with answers 

Science Challenge 


In class we have been learning about plants and the different parts of their life cycle.  WE have already learnt about pollination.  This week I would like children to find out more about seed dispersal.  I have attached a powerpoint and some activities they can have a go at. There are also some videos to watch too.

Anything you complete you can send to me to have a look at for comment

Can you spot the difference?

Still image for this video
Can you spot the difference between pollination and seed dispersal in this video?

Art Challenge 


In class we have been producing some amazing pencil drawings of animals you might find in the Amazon rainforest .  This week I would like children to create a collage of an Amazon landscape; this could be a vew of the rainforest or a journey alongthe river!


To find out more  about the materials and techniques used in collage arts I have attached a video for you to watch. 
Have a fun and be creative and, don't forget, anything
you complete you can send to me to have a look at for comment.

Examples of Collage Pictures



PE Challenge 

Jump Start Jonny - Click above

It about killed me last week and I only did it for 2 days.

Can you do it for the full 5 days - every morning from 9am for 30mins

We even got a shout out to the Annesley Primary School MASSIVE