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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Children's work

Well, it has been another week were you have amazed me with your quality of work. We are 12 weeks into being away from school and I am proud of how hard you are working. I have been sent lots of work and I want to share some of it here with you. Well done Jays!

A small fraction of the amazing work from Jennifer. Well done with all your hard work.

A selection of the work produced by Kerry. Well done Kerry, I love the Marvel Chibi's.

Wow, Kerry, that's a lot of HP facts! But did you know that HP Sauce is one of my most favourite things ( original , not fruity)? I absolutely love it with everything - on cheese on toast, in tomato soup, on crisp sandwiches....almost everything! One of the greatest inventions ever 👍.

Take care,


Great maths work from Sienna. Well done!

Great maths work from Sienna. Well done! 1