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Welcome to Annesley Primary School. Well done everyone, an amazing week for attendance with most classes achieving our aim of 96%. As a school we achieved an attendance of 96.09%, above our target. The winners of this weeks attendance trophy is Doves with 98%. Well done.


Raiders and Invaders.

This term we will be looking at the Romans and the Anglo Saxons and the impact they each had on life in Britain at that time.

Our focused questions will be:

Who were the Romans?

How did the Romans change Britain? 

Why was the Roman army so effective?

Why did they invade Britain?

What was Roman life like?

What difficulties di they face in invading Britain?


Who were the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings?

Who led the Anglo-Saxons?

How did the Anglo-Saxons and Viking change Britain?

How were the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings different?

What was Anglo-Saxon and Viking life like?

Why did they invade Britain?










Yes - the day has finally arrived! The debate battle against the Saxons and the Jutes! Which tribe will be triumphant? You put all your knowledge over the last few months to the test - let the battle commence!

Year 4 have been preparing for battle this week. From Anglo Saxon weapons to debating reasons they fought. Year 4 are ready for battle!

This week in Year 4, we have been getting out acting heads on. The children have been fully jumping into the roles of Beowulf and Grendel, acting out scenes using speech snd correctly punctuating their sentences!

Busy week for Year 4 as we truly stepping into the Anglo Saxon times in all aspects of school. From English, talking about Beowulf, to D&T where we were researching what the Anglo Saxons used for battles using books and laptops to help us.

We have been busy this week taking our learning outside, measuring all of Annesley Primary School playground and venturing to some perimeters too.

Spelling Carousel - The children really enjoyed completing different activities, to practise their spellings!

National Grid workshop. The children all enjoyed learning about Electricity from Jess. Jess was amazed with how much the children already knew - Scientist in the making! Way to go Jays!

The children are concentrating on editing and saving a word document. In Art we learnt all about how the Anglo-Saxons used Illuminated lettering and why. The children had so much fun starting to create their own.