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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Autumn 2


Welcome to our class page for Autumn 2

Would You Have Survived the Deadly Plague?

Please scroll down the page to see images from over the half term too!


Where is Eyam -  the plague village?

 What was the course of the Black death?

What was the Black death?


Could it have been prevented?

 How did it spread?

Were there any medicines and attempted cures?

What is an  epidemic -  Do you know any modern-day epidemics?





The Kingfishers' literacy will start with writing a recount of an event. Then on to diary writing and thinking about the use of the past tense to describe events that have taken place (Just like Samuel Pepys). Using role play and freeze frame techniques to explore speaking and listening. Followed by letter writing and considering the similarities and differences of formal and informal.


This half term the kingfishers will be carrying on their numeracy with number work. Reinforcing the addition and subtraction and moving on to the other two operations of multiplication and division. Understanding these concepts are vital, so that they can apply the maths out of context. For example problem-solving and looking at the maths in different ways. There will be lots of work on their times tables too. Singing, playing and practising their speedy recall on the computer.