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F2 - Y6 Flu Immunisation - you have to register online for this, emails sent out. Paper information, on here, in Newsletters. School reopens on Tuesday 5th November

Autumn 2

7th December

Riley W, you have been working hard to spell the year one tricky words.  During phonics you wrote all the challenge words correct, and neat. 

You have been a super star in our play practise and you are proud of yourself when you achieve.  Well done Riley!  You are a Super Star!  Keep it up! 

23rd November

Mollie,  you have been working hard to form your letters and numbers correctly.  You have been practising at home and at school.  You have also been learning your spellings. Well done Mollie.  Keep it up!

16th November 

Edith,  you put yourself in Jack’s shoes and wrote a fantastic letter to his mum.  You used emotive language to explain how he was feeling when he brought the beans home instead of money. You remembered your ‘hand check’ to improve your writing and presentation.  

Well done Edith.  Keep it up!