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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Autumn 2

Space - The Final Frontier

This term we will be looking into Space and investigating our solar system . We will be visiting the National Space Museum and finding out what it is like to be an astronaut.




Will we ever put another person on the moon?

Throughout our topic, we will be answering these questions are part of our learning journey: 


How big is the Earth compare to the Sun and Moon?

Why is it dark at night and light in the day?

Why is it cold in the the winter and hot in the summer?

Why does the moon change shape?

How did man land on the moon?

What is it like to be an astronaut? 

As part of our English work, we will be exploring newspaper articles and having a go at writing our own.  Using non - fiction books to find out more about space and space travel and write our own two page spread to create a class book on space.  Finishing of with a book called ' A Galaxy of her own', learning more about women and their role in space travel and then writing a biography about an astronaut of their choosing. 


Within math lessons, we will be exploring line graphs and tables linked to our topic and learning how this data can help us draw conclusions.  We will investigate primes, multiples and factors and linking this to patterns and sequences.  Then our final topic will be perimeter and area linked to solving space, shape and measure problems.