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Welcome to Annesley Primary School. Attendance results from the last week before 1/2 term are in. Another great week and close to our target again. As a school our attendance was 94.72%. The winners of the weeks attendance trophy is Doves with 99%. Well done.

Autumn 2

Our topic this half term is called 'Let's Celebrate'.



This half-term we will be learning all about different celebrations and how different people celebrate them! We will be looking at Diwali, Bonfire Night, birthdays, weddings and Christmas.

Each week we will base our learning around the following questions:


Week 1 - What is Diwali?

Week 2 - What did you do on Bonfire Night?

Week 3 - How do you celebrate your birthday?

Week 4 - Have you been to a wedding?

Week 5 - How do you know Christmas is coming?


Please see below for pictures!

Autumn 2 - Curriculum overview 

Week 6 & 7 - Christmas!

We had our nativity play, so we have been practising! The children were fantastic, we are so proud of them! We have been doing lots of Christmas crafts; making hats, cards, reindeer food and calendars ready for the new year. We had so much fun during our Christmas party, we had lots of food, games, dancing and pass the parcel! We even had a special delivery from Santa, he left a sack full of presents for all the children. We hope you have a fantastic break and are looking forward to the new year. 

Week 5 - How do you know Christmas is coming? 

This week we have been looking at Christmas! We made our letters to Santa ready for our post box walk. We had a lovely walk up to the post office; everyone was so sensible! Archie even came with us too, to post his letter! 

Week 4 - Have you ever been to a wedding? 

This week we have been learning about weddings and love! We discussed why people get married and why some people don't. We looked at some of Mrs Townsends wedding photos and discussed that Love is Love! On Friday, we made some cupcakes with pink icing and love heart sweets! 

Week 3 - How do you celebrate your birthday? 

This week we have been looking at all things birthdays! We have been writing Birthday cards, making sandwiches for a party and we even had 2 friend's birthdays this week! So, we had a party to celebrate. We have been adding instrument sound effects to a story in phonics and been looking about the number 3 in maths. 

Week 2 - What did you do on Bonfire night?

This week we have been learning all about bonfire night. The children shared their experiences, and we had our own bonfire on our playground! We enjoyed a hot dog and mushy peas from our food stall and used pipe cleaners as sparklers to have a go at writing our name in the air! On Friday, we learnt about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies. We were all very respectful during the 2 minutes silence to remember the brave soldiers who fought for us. We also made a group painting, to go on our outdoor poppy display, near the school entrance and made poppy biscuits. 

Week 1 - What is Diwali? 

This week we have been learning all about Diwali. We tried some foods, tried on some celebration clothes and made diya lamps to celebrate Diwali, the festival of light!