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Have a wonderful summer...from all the Annesley Staff. Good luck to the children who have left us, to move to other schools.

Autumn 2




We will be continuing our work on World War II but concentrating more on the life in Germany and the holocaust . We will look at how children in Germany were affected and especially Jewish families .

We will be asking questions such as :


How were people affected in Germany in WW2?

Why did so many people leave Germany?

Who were the Jews?

What was the Holocaust?

22/11/2018-We had a thought provoking day at the Holocaust Centre , Laxton.

14/12/2018-The Annesley Primary School Dance Formation Troop , visited a local care home today , to perform some song and dance routines from WW2.

14/12/2018-The Annesley Primary School  Dance Formation Troop , visited a local care home today , to perform some song and dance routines from WW2. 1
14/12/2018-The Annesley Primary School  Dance Formation Troop , visited a local care home today , to perform some song and dance routines from WW2. 2
14/12/2018-The Annesley Primary School  Dance Formation Troop , visited a local care home today , to perform some song and dance routines from WW2. 3
14/12/2018-The Annesley Primary School  Dance Formation Troop , visited a local care home today , to perform some song and dance routines from WW2. 4


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In Literacy, we will be working on using the power of imaginary in our writing particularly poetry.  Then we will be studying a book called ' Boy in the Striped Pajamas' and all our work  will use this as a stimulus.  We will also carry out a film study project called 'The Piano', children will create mood graphs, story boards and develop their own short animation  


In Numeracy,  we will be consolidating closing those gaps on the four operations (+ - x /) , ironing out any misconceptions you may have . Looking at the connections between % , decimals and fractions and how to convert these in greater detail.  We will also be learning how to find the fraction of a number and use the four operations when working with fractions. 



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Long division in 90 seconds.

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09/11/2018 - Creating the Water Cycle in a jar.

12/12/2018-Separating materials .

Do you like our Christmas cards and calendars ?

19/12/2018 - Party Day


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The Elfis Saga.

03/12/2018 - DAY 1 - I'M BACK !!!! Yes its that time of year again and I'm back for my fourth year at Annesley Primary School -Father Christmas says I'm so amazing , he wouldn't trust anyone elf to be here. 

So , I made my entrance just after midnight , hid myself under a pile of leaves and began my mission - who is being naughty and who is being nice ?

04/12/2018 - DAY 2 - Tee-hee-hee ! This new bunch are even worse than the last lot ! I decided to play find your tray with them.....and it was CHAOS!! They were moaning and whining and bustling and shoving and some have STILL not found their tray ! What is wrong with these people ? All the time I sat smiling to myself , cos I'm so smart and they soooo aren't . I am going to have so much fun with these Eagles . They ain't seen nothing .......yet........mwahahaha .......

05/12/2018 - DAY3 - Sooooooo ...... I had so much fun yesterday swapping all the Eagles tray names that I decided to be nice today and gave them all their very own elf name , much easier for them to remember ( they seem to struggle with their human names) . So we had Snotty and Burpey and Trumpy and Sparkley and lots , lots more . It was so much easier to identify them - for me anyway.......

06/12/2018 - DAY 4 - Pfffftttttttt one of my favourite tricks ......yes infamous toilet decoration ! It's all very well putting up a tree a n hanging a stocking but come on's CHRISTMAS !!! Everywhere should be full of sparkles and fun , so this year I decided to use gold tinsel - soooo pretty . And of course the Eagles loved it . I could tell by the way they whined 'ewwwww' and 'disgusting' - I'm sure everyone will be decorating their dunnie next year .

07/12/2018 - DAY 5 - Everybody loves a sELFie , especially me ! So today I used Mrs.Rafes big camera and took lots of sELFies of myself to share with the Eagles .....they were obviously super impressed they should be .

08/12/2018 - DAY 6 - Well it was a blustery journey back home to the North Pole , my little plane was rocking all over the place but I finally made it  - safe and sound . The first hing I did was rush round to my best friend McJingles house , he is looking after my pet reindeer (Barry) whilst I'm away working . I miss him soooooooo much , he is the best pet ever . Then we hooked up the sleigh and went for a drive out with my fiancé ,Tiffany , she is so pretty . We stopped off for some lemonade and mince pies - yummy - before going back to Tiffanys' cottage to watch 'I'm an Elfebrity , keep me in here' , my favourite show . 

I then need to write up my report , ready for my meeting with Father Christmas tomorrow ......which of the Eagles have made the nice list so far ????

09/12/2018 - DAY 7 - Well , I had a super fun day today catching up with my friends and chatting about the children we have been observing - I told them that the Eagles are awesome (forgot to say what a smelly bunch they are) , my friends are sooooo jealous .... . Anyway , we had a scrummy Christmas dinner together and I went to file my report to Father Christmas . I always get soooo nervous , although he is lovely , I am so in awe of him and don't want to let him down . I told him all about my challenges and how the Eagles are following my rules ..... but  Father Christmas said I must be being too soft ! So , no more Mr Nice Elf from now on , let's get serious ...... I'm on my way back to Annesley , see you in the morning....




10/12/2018 - DAY 8 - So , I arrived back in Annesley with Father Christmas' words ringing in my ears ....I am too nice ! How could I make the Eagles see I mean business , I thought ? So I used my cunning elf magic to make all of their chairs disappear .........soooo funny . They were most miffed . Some tried sitting on their tables (yes you Zachary , i saw you !) , he went straight on my naughty list ! Well you have never heard such whinging ! Then they all left the room and went off to sing (?) .... I could hear the racket from where I was sat cats with their tails trapped in a door ! Awful ! Then , this afternoon , they all started dancing !!! What a palava , bang - crash  - bump . I have never seen such an unco-ordinated bunch ! Another went on my list (Matthew) for being particularly loud . Anyway , tonight I have decided to have a good snoop around , you never know what I might find.........


11/12/2018 - DAY 9 - OOOOOHHHHHH!!! Guess what I found last night ? I was having a good old snoop around (these Eagles are soooooo untidy , you wouldn't believe the dust !) when I came across a bowl , in the kitchen and it was full to the brim with SWEETIES !!!!!!! I love sweeties - sugary goodness that no other food can match . Well , I thought , just one won't hurt - no-one will notice .....and the next thing I knew I'd eaten the whole lot !!! I .....was......buzzin !!!!! I had so much energy that I decided to run around the school super fast . Unfortunately though , I only got to a very fetching picture of Arry before I went dizzy , passed out and woke up in a pool of my own sick !! Ewwwwwww . My head hurt so bad I just lay there .....and do you know what ? Not one of the Eagles offered to help me ! I have felt so poorly all day and now my tummy is really beginning to hurt........

12/12/2018 - DAY10 - Ooooooooooooh I am sooooo embarrassed !! I totally forgot how bad for elves human sweeties are !! It has quite ...erm...devastating consequences , as the Eagles found today their lockers , their trays , their water fountain , on their chairs ....EVERYWHERE . The problem is that when an elf has to go , they really have to go ...and I went POP POP POP all over the classroom . Soooo I promise that tomorrow I will be super well behaved ......especially as I have heard that the children are getting a Christmas dinner , I do love a Christmas pud and custard ...yummy ! 

13/12/2018- DAY 11 - WELL !!!!!! I am soooooooo upset ! Remember how I said I love Christmas dinners ...and especially Christmas pudding ? I put  my best Christmas jumper on  and sat , waiting patiently , to be invited to join the Eagles for lunch .....and they went without me !!!!!!!!!!! I just couldn't believe it ....after I have been sooooo nice to them too ! And then some girl called Ding Dong came and stroked my face I'm some kind of puppy !!!! I mean , do these children not realise how important I am ? Well that's it , no more Mr Nice Elf . From now on I mean business ......

14/12/2018-DAY 12 - He....he...he . 

I sooo got my own back on those Eagles . I hid ALL of their equipment , I wrote on their big board and I refused to get dressed . I just sat there all day with my nose in the air and my dressing  gown on . I totally ignored them all day whilst the totally awesome Miss Geeson delivered an amazing lesson . Well I still haven't forgiven them they better watch out ,  they better not lie , they better not cry (you know who you are !) , I'm tellin you why ? SantaaaaaaClaus is coming to town ......but only if you're nice !!!


15/12/2018 -DAY 13 - My journey home last night was sooooo cold and rainy , the propeller on my plane stopped twice !! Good job I had my bag of elf dust to get it going again , or I could have been a gonna !! And it's almost the most important weekend of the year (second to Christmas , of course) , The annual Father Christmas Ball . Every elf is invited as a thank you for all our hard work . Obviously Tiffany and I will be sat with the great man himsELF . There will be dancing and singing and , of course , my legendary piano concerto of Jingle Bells . Tiffany will be accompanying me by dancing as I play , she is soooooo graceful . But first I am off to meet some friends for our own Christmas jumper day , such fun.....

16/12/2018 - DAY 14 - Well , I have to say , my Jingle Bells was amazing -again - last night ! Everyone said so . Tiffany looked beautiful as she danced but I was note perfect. The ball was a splendid affair - dancing , playing games and lots of Christmas pud (!) . I handed in my report to Father Christmas and am just about to set off back to Annesley for my last few days . See you in the morning....


17/12/2018 - DAY 15 - Dinner , dinner, dinner , dinner BATELF ! I just love superheroes and especially Batman , he's amazing . Soooooooo today I turned all the Eagles into superheroes . I rigged up an amazing zip wire so I could soar through the classroom at breakneck speed . All the children had their own hero mask and played their roles brilliantly . Such fun .......

18/12/2018 - DAY 16 - Ewwwwwwwww I am so tired of the Eagles putting their grubby mitts on me ....I am NOT a toy !!! So I decided to put them to work by tidying up the classroom . Of course to feel the full effect if needed to be extra messy , so I emptied the bins.........twice !!! Ooh you have never heard such moaning , they are obviously not used to work ? Well maybe they will learn to keep their hands to them sELFs ? Anyway , I need to iron my outfit for PARTAAAAAAAAAY day .........I'm sooooooo excited . 


19/12/2018 - DAY 17 - PAAAARTAAAAAAAY ...Ooh I do love a boogie and a sausage roll . I put my best tuxedo on and led the Eagles through all of the classics , Macarena , Cha Cha Slide and ,of course , YMCA . It has been the best day ever , full of music , food , kidnappings and fun . Thank you Eagles , it's been great to see you enjoy yoursELFs .....

20/12/2018 - DAY 18 - Well it is almost my last day at Annesley and I feel that I have grown to know you all so well  . So I have decided to give you a glimpse into how I really see you all , warts n all ! So I hooked my ELFpad up to Mrs.Rafes big camera and print s off all of your ELFies , then I hid them all around school . It was such fun watching you all scurry around and you all did very well  . I shall be sorry to say goodbye.....

 21/12/2018 - DAY 19 - Oh no ! I've been called back to the North Pole to sort out an emergency! I have loved being a part of the Eagles this past few weeks . I have left you one last challenge .....and a little something each , just from me . Have a great Christmas Eagles , I hope you get everything you have wished for . Stay amazing ,

love from ,

your friend ,

Elfis xxx


He he he , thank you Miss.Geeson (Totaly Awesome T.A) for sending me the film , love Elfis

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