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School reopens on Monday 19th April 2021, after the Easter break.

Autumn 2



Dylan - You joined in all of our party games confidently! 



Everyone! We are so proud of you all this week we couldn't choose one person for Archie, you have all demonstrated the Archie values this week with performing our show, well done everyone, we are very proud!



Riley E - Confident - Wow how confident you are getting! Not only are you becoming a star in our show but you are also becoming more confident with adults around school, well done Riley keep it up!




Limara - You are Archie through and through! You are ambitious, confident and independent with all of your work at the moment, we are happy to see you've got your mojo back!


Kyra-Lee -  Wow! You have been extremely ambitious this week. Your hand is up every time we ask a question. You're answers to past and present verbs were fabulous! Well done, keep it up!


Doves, what an amazing week we have all had.   I just wanted to say a special thank you to you all.  You are all amazing!   I know we are going to have a brilliant, fun packed year.  You are all ‘Ambitious’, Respectful’, ‘Confident’, ‘Honest’, Independent’ and ‘Equal’.   Keep on showing our Archie values and you will all be amazing!  


Thomas, you have been extremely respectful this week.  You have haven’t just been polite and considerate, but you’ve also respected our classroom, computer room and your own things. Well done Thomas.  You are ‘Respectful!’  Keep it up!