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Welcome to Annesley Primary School. Attendance results from the last week before 1/2 term are in. Another great week and close to our target again. As a school our attendance was 94.72%. The winners of the weeks attendance trophy is Doves with 99%. Well done.


Our topic this term is:

Goodies and Baddies


This half term, we are learning about the life of Florence Nightingale. We will be learning about the role of a nurse. We will research hospitals before, during and after Florence nightingale and how Florence has impacted modern hospitals.  

For black history month in October, we will be learning about another famous nurse Mary Seacole. 

 Florence Nightingale


After half term we will be learning about how to defend a castle and what we would find on a bear hunt.





Matlock Farm Park

The children had a FANTASTIC day at Matlock Farm park. Looking at, holding and feeding some animals. We want to say a huge thank you to Mrs Joesbury for rearranging it for us. 

The lady with the lamp

This week the children continued to learn about Florence Nightingale. We found out that she used to be called ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ as she would walk around at night to check on the soldiers. The children created their very own lamp. 

Part Part whole

In maths we have been looking at addition. We have introduced parts and wholes to the children. We will be trying out different ways to explore addition over the next few weeks. 

The Enormous Turnip

We have been learning the story of The Enormous Turnip. We looked at and described a turnip. We acted out the story and then produced some fantastic writing of the story! 

The Gingerbread Man

This week we have been looking at writing instructions. We read the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and then had a go at baking our own. The gingerbread tasted delicious well done everyone!