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Attendance News: It seems that we are cursed with illness yet again, another week below our aim of 96%. with school attendance at 90.62%. Weekly attendance winners this week with 95.67% and keeping it for another week is Doves. Well done.


Please take a look at what we have planned for the children over the Autumn term.  We will also be trying to get hold of some astronaut food to sample!  We will be visiting the National Space Centre and carrying out some super Science. 

Our Project Work so far.......

Some Christmas crafting fun.

Working lunar rovers

Still image for this video
I am so impressed and proud of the children here's one of our lunar rovers working

Another rover

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A demonstration of the speed debris move about in space and the hazards for astronauts

Trip to the Space Center

Lunar rovers are taking shape

Applying our maths skills

D and T

Maths investigation

Investigating shadows

Making sundials

Autumn Term Curriculum Overview