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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Autumn 1



Who will be evacuated?


This half term we will be learning about World War 2, specifically 'The Blitz' and how this affected children . We will be answering questions: 


- When and why did ww2 begin?

- Who helped win the war? 

- What was the Blitz? 

- How did the Blitz affect daily life?

- Who became evacuees?

- How would you feel if you were an evacuee?



In the first couple of weeks back, we will learn about propaganda and how this helped win the war.  Then we will move onto the Blitz and how this impacted on the lives of British children , at that time. Finally we will concentrate on children who were evacuated during the war. We will be visiting Mansfield Museum and learning about an evacuees journey.


18/09/2019 - In pairs, we have designed our own persuasive propaganda posters, to help us win the war.


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10/10/2019 - Air-Raid shelters. Art and DT in action.

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...and here they are.


This is half term we will be looking at identifying word classes and using them appropriately in our writing . We will be learning about the different genres in fiction and how to create powerful imagery through text . In grammar we will look at noun phrases , expanded noun phrases , adverbials , relative clauses and main and subordinate clauses. We will be doing spelling quizzes daily from the year 5/6 spelling list and looking at spelling rules .  We will be looking at two short films, called 'Behind the line' and 'The Piano' and using these to develop our descriptive writing. Our class read will be 'Letters From the Lighthouse' , which will help us to write war diaries, poetry and non-chronological reports


This first half term we will be concentrating on place value and the four operations (+ , - , X and /) , ironing out any misconceptions and consolidating the standard written method for each . We will be doing a weekly arithmetic test and daily times table challenges ( it is VERY important that you learn your tables) as these are crucial to this years learning .



27/09/2019-Rock - Paper - Scissors X Tables.

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03/09/2019 - Learning about the states of matter in Science.

17/09/2019 - We had a go at making elephant toothpaste in science.


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20/09/2019 - Bolsover Bulls rugby coaching.


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24/09/2019 - Separating mixtures in Science.

26/09/2019 - European Languages Day (more photos on The Gallery).


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11/10/2019 - Learning about healthy eating and exercise with Oliver.

14/10/2019 - Kickboxing with Bill.


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