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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Autumn 1 - Good Work


This weeks person of the week is ....................




06/09/2019 - JAYDEN. What a fabulous start you have made in year 6. You are having a go , even if you are not sure of the answer. You are being polite and helpful in class. Keep it up.

13/09/209 - NATASHA . I think you may be a rising star in year 6. You learn very quickly and I can see you soaring in your learning this year. You are not afraid to say if you need a little help and you take everything on board. Keep it up.

20/09/2019 - AMY-JAYE. You are continuing to blow me away with your writing . You are including everything I am asking you to . YOU CAN DO IT! 

27/09/2019 - EMILY . You are having a fantastic time in year 6. Your work is getting better , you have completed every piece of homework and done your reads every week. You really made an effort at our European Languages Day, wearing the national costume of Germany. You also bought in photos, souvenirs and a great write-up of a WW2 re-enactment you went to. Well done .

04/10/2019 - CALLUM F. We have had a weird week , with a trip and lots of tests but you have risen to the challenge and given 100% to everything...and do you know what ? You are doing really ,really well , you are on track to have a very successful year 6. Well done.

11/10/2019 - IZAAC. Your air raid shelter , in DT, absolutely blew me away, amazing! You are beginning to apply yourself more in lesson and this is great to see. Keep it up.

18/10/2019 - CAELAN. Your attitude to your learning is phenomenal, you always give 100% , even when the work we are doing is tricky (long division) . Keep it up.