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We finish on Friday 28th May for one week's holiday. Children are back on the 7th June. The next INSET Day is Monday 14th June.

Autumn 1


Here are some of the questions we will be answering:


  • What does an explorer do?
  • What does an explorer need?
  • Who are some famous explorers?
  • Where would you like to explore?
  • Are explorers brave?


In English we are going to start by looking at our letter/number formation and making sure our writing flows. We will begin to work through our class spelling lists (copies are in the star at the bottom of our web page) and learn some of our Year 1 words as well as some ambitious vocabulary. 

We are going to recap Phase 3 in phonics and apply this to our reading, writing and spelling.

Simple sentences, some description and hopefully beginning to use some adjectives to make our writing more interesting will be a focus, alongside using capital letters and full stops consistently.


Read, read, read, read and then read some more!

Reading is an essential life skill and we embrace this fully. Whether it be a book, comic, magazine, menu or a road sign , all variations will give your child a wider view of the world around them and enhance their vocabulary skills. Talking about what they are reading/have read is also vitally important.

 I will be listening to every child read several times a week and be doing guided group reading sessions. There will be phonic based reading activities amongst the childrens free flow choices and they will be encouraged to read for Phonic, as well as completing four home reads a week.


Number formation will be checked and practised.

We will recap recognising numbers 1 - 10 before extending this to 20. Lots of counting.

Recognising 0(nes) numbers and T(ens) numbers will be our place value focus and we will look at simple addition; including number bonds to 10 (20).