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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Autumn 1

Riding through the Forest 


Children will find out more about our local legend - Robin Hood.  We will learn more about the myths surrounding him and his connections to the other parts of the UK. 

Our learning journey questions include: 


Who owns this bag? 

Who was Robin Hood?

Why was Robin Hood a Legend?

How are legends made? 

Can doing something wrong sometimes be good?

Can I write my own legend? 


We will start our topic off with a bang by visiting Sherwood Forest and taking part in our own archery competition.  


Drama Freeze Frame - How was Lin Feeling

Science - Measuring force


European Languages Day (more photos on The Gallery).


We will start off our topic studying a narrative poem called 'The Highwayman. Children will learn about pattern, rhyme and rhythm and at the end I will challenge the children to rewrite the gruesome ending following the poems pattern. 


Throughout the topic, we will base all of our guided reading around a multi-model text called 'The Adventures of Robin Hood.' The children will learn more about the legend and myths surrounding Robin Hood. 


The Final three weeks we will work around a film inspired narrative called 'The Alchemist' This is the story is based on a legend that a father told to a son, about a machine that could turn any metal into gold. To power the device he fed it his own memories. He had a family but in his quest for gold he abandoned them. After the alchemist's death the son returned home to the house he once knew as a child and this is where the journey begins.  The children will finish up with the challenge of writing their very own legend.




We will be starting the first four days with a special maths project, where all classes through school will be doing maths based around a story book.  We will be looking at the book ' Jim and the Beanstalk.'  As a class this will help us to become more accurate with measuring length and also will introduce children to the idea of scaling, factors and multiplying and dividing by 10.  

This half term we will be looking at; 


  • Place value (including decimals)
  • Dividing and Multipying by 10 , 100 and 1000 
  • Decimals numbers
  • Word problems (reasoning)