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Have a wonderful summer...from all the Annesley Staff. Good luck to the children who have left us, to move to other schools.

Autumn 1

Welcome to our class page for Autumn 1

Who were the Ancient Greeks?

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Who were the Ancient Greeks and what did we learn from them??

Where is Greece and why do so many people enjoy going on holiday there How is Greece different to England?

and the Oscar goes to? (Which Greek God would you choose to receive a special award?)

How would a tourist today be reminded of the power of the Ancient Greeks?

Would you have enjoyed being an Olympian?


How would you go about reproducing a clay pot in the style of the Greeks?








In literacy, first the children will be introduced to a film clip to encourage speaking and listening. They will use freeze-frame and drama techniques to develop their discussion thinking. Then move into looking at Greek myths to create sentences and use speech in their writing. By using a wider range of conjunctions to extend their sentences. Working on character and description and looking at play scripts. Moving then into instruction writing to catch a mythical creature.




In numeracy the children will start the term by looking at place value of numbers up to 1000. They will then use this to support addition and subtraction of three digit numbers. The first two of the four operations that are vital understanding of number. Alongside this there will be a real push on times tables. Using different techniques to reinforce their understanding.






26/10/18 - Jessica H for super independent work this week and JJ...well...also independent and confident through and through...good luck.

19/10/18 - Alfie for sharing great map reading skills with his group and Jessica S for respect and manners that have been complimented on.

12/10/18 - Kieron - times tables...the threes... independent...sorted. Rajpreet is taking a really confident approach with her learning.

5/10/18 - Armandas for his  super set of instructions and Lilly  for settling and produced some real independent thinking.

28/9/18 - Declan for his honesty this week and Isla for her ambitious thinking in her literacy.

21/9/18 - JJ for some ambitious work and Tyler for being independent

14/9/18 - Charlie and Jennifer, what a great start to year 3.





m - for his continued respectful attitude....well done!


Daisy - for really trying and being independent in numeracy...super


19/10/18 - Kerry this week for independent work on her topic 'mini' book.

12/10/18 - Charlotte for a marvellous approach to her maths this week.

5/10/18 - Lewis for a fantastic piece of writing. You even impressed Mrs.Roberts!

21/9/18 - Ethan, you are working well and making good choices. Here's to more!

14/9/18 - Dominic, you have made a fantastic start to the year. Keep it up.




We had great fun at the European Market.

We had great fun at the European Market. 1
We had great fun at the European Market. 2
We had great fun at the European Market. 3