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Wednesday 28th of July is an inset day so please remember children break up for the summer holidays on Tuesday 27th July 2021

Attendance and Punctuality

Guidance for Parents

At Annesley Primary School, we are committed to giving your children the best education possible. We feel to ensure this happens, regular attandance and punctuality is essential. 

When a child attends school on a regular basis, they take an important step towards reaching their full potential, and are given the greatest opportunity to learn new things and

develop their skills. 

The more time a child spends around other children, whether in the classroom or as part of a school team or club, the more chance they have of making friends and feeling included, boosting social skills, confidence and their self esteem.

How you can help to improve your childs attendance and punctuality


  • Ensure your child attends regularly and arrives on time

  • On the first day of absence, contact school as early as possible. 

  • Try and arrange medical appointments outside of school hours. We understand that there are times where this is not possible.

  • Help your child with all they need for their school day - homework, reading folder, PE kit etc

Children should be in school every day because...


  • It is the law and you could be fined if your child's attendance falls below 80%
  • Children will be more sociable and make and maintain friends 
  • If children are in school every day they will make more progress which will enable them to have a better job later in life


When is ok for your child to be absent from school?


It is ok for your child to be absent from school if they have sickness/dihorea or have an infectious illness that could be passed on to others. If your child has sickness/dihorea, they should NOT return to school for 48 hours after they have last stopped vomiting. 


It is not ok to keep your child off school...

  • If they have a coughs or sneezes
  • If they are tired
  • If their siblings are poorly
  • If you are poorly
  • If it is their birthday

Click on the link below to see how a child's yearly attendance percentage compares to how many days of school they have missed.

Why it is important to be on time for school...


  • Children get off to a bad start if they arrive late 

  • Children will be calm and will be ready to learn

  • They feel embarrased if they enter the classroom late when their friends are learning

  • If they miss the start of the lesson, they will not know what to do

  • When children arrive late it disrupts the whole class who have already started working

Persistant Lateness


You may think that being 5 minutes late to school every day is not a big deal. Click on the link below to show how much of an impact this could have on your child - I think you will be very surprised!