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F2 - Y6 Flu Immunisation - you have to register online for this, emails sent out. Paper information, on here, in Newsletters. School reopens on Tuesday 5th November


Archie Bear


Introducing Archie Bear, our new school mascot .


We will ‘Achieve with Archie’, if we are:


Ambitious - encouraging children to have aspirations and have ambitions to ‘dream the big dream’. To try, try and try again, even when things are challenging.

Respectful - treating others how they would like to be treated.

Confident - preparing our children for a world which is changing every day, to tackle new things with confidence.

Honest - telling the truth, to say what we mean and do what we say we are going to do.

Independent - foster a love of learning and promote independence and encourage questioning.

Equal - celebrate the difference and individuality of others.











06/09/1910 - Ruby and Ava-May. Ruby you have really impressed me with your can-do attitude. Ava-May , it feels like you have been in school for years, what a brilliant start.

13/09/2019 - Kerry, you have shown what a caring young lady you are by helping one of your friends.

20/09/2019 - Christian. You are becoming more independent and confident in you learning.

27/09/2019 - Skyla, Dominic and Kerry. You were all so enthusiastic at our Spanish market stall, we made a great profit.

04/10/2019 - Lilly and Lewis. You are both being ambitious in your learning and this is leading to you increasing your independence.

11/10/2019 - Lewis and Tyler. Lewis , you are ARCHIE through and through, always doing the right thing. Tyler , you have had a really positive week , it's great to see that ambitious attitude shining through again. Well done.

18/10/2019 - THEO and RAJPREET. You both made a fantastic job of your t.shirts , for our fashion show. They were well thought out and creative. You were both also super confident on our catwalk. Well done.

08/11/2019 - JESSICA H. You have been really confident and independent during our Roman numerals work this week. Well done.