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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Archie Bear Awards

A - Ambition We encourage children to have aspirations and have ambitions to ‘dream the big dream’.
R - Respectful Our children treat others how they would like to be treated.
C - Confident We prepare our children for a world which is changing and bringing new challenges.

H - Honest Our children tell the truth, say what they mean, and do what they say they are going to do.
I - Independent We will foster a love of learning, promote independence and encourage questioning.
E - Equal We will celebrate our differences and individuality.


My Archie Award goes to ...


12.3.20 Shylah for being an 'ARCHIE' person through and through. Teamwork on the field in outdoor learning and a little scientist investigating light and shadows. Well done!


5.3.20 Harry for a growing independency in his general work. Great scientific thinking in light too! Well done Harry!

14.2.20 the whole class for being so equal on a fantastic trip to Magna. Such a pleasure to take. Very proud!

7.2.20 Jessica for her Independent approach to her writing. Not only did she produce a great page of notes but then transferred it to her independent writing, producing a super piece.

31.1.20  Angel, Ronnie and Leah for great 'equal' approaches to their D&T volcano: Super design; Super make; Super teamwork and evaluation.

24.1.20 Leah… she has shown such independence in her reading and writing. Making real headway with her work this week. Making us so proud! Super job! 

24.1.20 Calum… so lovely to here from children in the school he has helped with PALS and been so equal! He has really been so thoughtful. Well done!

17.1.20 Skye… She has had a really independent approach to her work this week...been challenged on many occasions but battling through with the biggest smile, showing such resilience. Well done!

10.1.20 Hadley… He has really had a good week and being equal with others. Making positive choices and sharing great ideas with the rest of the class. His recall of Gregory Cole was just amazing. 

20.12.19 The whole class for working equally on the Christmas performance. What an end to the year!

13.12.19 Louis for working independently across the board. Super job!

13.12.19 Corey for just getting on with it and working independently. Well done!

29.11.19 Amelia for really showing equal approaches to her sharing. Making sure adults are being cared for too. Well done!

22.11.19 Summer who always gives 100% to everything she does. Demonstrating all of the Archie values… Well done keep it up!

22.11.19 Charlie M has been really confident with his maths this week working independently… With a great big smile on his face. Well done!

15.11.19 Amy for independent and ambitious thinking after practical work making skeleton models… for labelling and understanding the bones and why they are as they are.

15.11.19 Harry for his ambitious role-play as Sam in a mini 'empathy based' freeze-frame activity.

8.11.19 Charlie H. Ambitious, confident and independent. Charlie has had a really confident week with his maths. Always confident.

8.11.19 Summer shows all of the Archie values. Always giving 100% to everything she does. And so respectful too

18.10.19  Georgee  what a good week you have had!  You participated during group task and went on to complete your work individually.  You asked for more spellings and maths - what a star.  Well done Georgee, you are 'Independent!'

11.10.19  Amy Well what can we say....  Amy was overheard calmly sorting out a dispute with the younger children at playtime.  Well done Amy, you were respectful, thoughtful and considerate.  Amy you are 'Equal'.  

11.10.19  Leah  has been asking for more work in her numeracy. She is trying to grasp the concept of new things.  Well done Leah.  You are 'Ambitious'.  

4.10.19    Shylah was amazing when she offered others the opportunity to share the map for our outdoor learning.  Well done Shylay you are 'Equal'.  

4.10.19  Freddie used ambitious and confident thinking to answer questions at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).  Well done Freddie you are 'Ambitious'.  

27.09.19  Ronnie  last week you tried so hard with your arithmetic, but this week you amazed us all - you got everything correct!  Well done Ronnie you are 'Ambitious'.

27.09.19  Charlie Mc  what a fantastic, confident approach to speaking and listening with your French this week.  Tres Bien!  Well done Charlie, you are 'Confident'.  

20.9.19  Summer has shown such confidence with her work.  Great ideas and super sentence thinking!  Summer you are 'Ambitious'.

20.9.19  Orla you have participated in a really 'ambitious' science experiment this week.  You have shown terrific thinking skills and your diagrams were amazing.   

13.9.19  Jodie has made a really ambitious start to her science.  Using scientific language to help her think. 

13.9.19 Amy has made a super start to her work.  Astounding maths - tackling questions on place value that really make you think.

6.9.19  Amelia for confident acting in her role play....well done