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Latest Newsletter available for November - Don't forget to check your emails regularly for the latest information. - Attendance News: A week plagued with Chicken Pox and other illnesses this week. Congratulations to Jays Class who managed to achieve 94.4% and are our weekly attendance winners. Hopefully next week we will all be well and can have a great week and improve on the school weekly attendance of 85.04%

Archie Bear

Archie Person of the week


These children have impressed by using Archie Values

Autumn 2 term


W/C 28.11.22 This week our Archie person is Milo. He has been working so hard on his reading especially during reading squad. He has been ambitious and independent. Well done Milo!


W/C 21.11.22 This week our Archie person is Harper. She impressed with how independent she was when getting changed after swimming, she did it all by herself and was very proud of herself. Well done, Harper.


W/C 14.11.22 This week our Archie person is Billie. She is always respectful and helpful to everyone in school. She does everything you ask and always looks after out toys. Well done!


W/C 7.11.22 This week our Archie person is Aleeza. She is always kind to her friends and treats everyone as equal. Well done, Aleeza we are proud of you.


W/C 31.10.22 This week our Archie person is Mollie. She has been much more independent when getting changed for P.E., well done Mollie.


Autumn 1 term

W/C 05.09.22 - Our Archie Bear person is Zizi. She has been respectful and equal looking after the new children in nursery and sharing toys and playing nicely with others. Well done Zizi.


W/C 12.09.22 - Our Archie Bear person is Olivia. Olivia has been much more confident this week and come into school with a big smile on her face every day. Well done Olivia, keep it up!


W/C 19.09.22 - Our Archie Bear person is Mason. He has been respectful, showing children in nursery how to share and take turns. Well done Mason. 


W/C 26.09.22 - Our Archie Bear person is Noah. He has been ambitious this week trying really hard to write his new letter sounds from phonics. Well done.


W/C 03.10.22 - Our Archie Bear person is Alfie for being independent in phonics. Well done.


W/C 10.10.22 - Our Archie person is Olivia again. She has been worried about trying school dinners but this week she was confident enough to give them a go and she really liked them. Well done Olivia you have had a great half term!