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Welcome to Annesley Primary School. Well done everyone, an amazing week for attendance with most classes achieving our aim of 96%. As a school we achieved an attendance of 96.09%, above our target. The winners of this weeks attendance trophy is Doves with 98%. Well done.


Autumn Archie Person of the Week












These children have impressed us this week showing Archie values:


03.01.23 - Well done Natalie! You have been super ambitious lately, when something is a bit challenging you persevere and don't give up until you achieve it. We have really seen this ambitious attitude in your times tables and your spellings, well done keep it up!

24.01.23 - This weeks Archie person has been very ambitious in everything she has tried. Well done Caitlin! You have been trying really hard in Literacy with writing your own 'how to be a Roman solider' instructions, challenging yourself and pushing yourself to achieve the best you can. Well done Caitlin keep it up!

19.1.23 - Way to go Poppy!  Your expertise designing and making your own Greek vase was amazing.  You paid lots of attention to detail and your confidence shown through.  Keep up the good work.

12.1.23- This week the person who has shown the Archie values and stood out is Jessica. You are always trying so hard in class and are never scared to share your answers and opinions on a topic. You are showing the rest of the class how good a friend you are, always helping out and never failing to have a smile on your face everyday. Keep it up, well done!

6.1.23- this week the person who has shown such confidence and independence is Desmond. You have not been with us long, but in that time the staff and other children at Annesley have seen such improvements in you. Being so inquisitive and always eager to learn. Knowing when not to mess around and take your learning seriously, keep it up Desmond, never stop asking questions. Well done!

16.12.22It wasn't easy to choose our Archie this week. 

Jays, this week, during our 'Debate Battle.' you have impressed us with your debating knowledge and interaction skills.  It was so close, one minute the Saxons tribe were annihilating the Jute tribe. Then, after several tricky questions, the Jute tribe were on top.  Finally, after a long, draining battle, all of your knowledge and expertise shone through, to determine which tribe were the undefeted champions!

Drum Roll Please: ......................................................

This week, our Archie Bear goes to EVERYONE!   Way to go Jutes and Saxons! It was a draw! 

9.12.22- Emily and Josh, this week it couldn’t be just one, you two have worked incredibly together. Emily you have helped Josh this week and been so respectful towards your friends and Josh you have been so independent this week despite lots of change and differences. Emily you have also helped Josh in becoming so independent. Well done both, you are Archie Bear through and through!


1.12.22- George, you are doing just brilliant! You have come on such leaps since the start of Year 4. You are so resilient and take on any challenge that comes your way! You are trying so hard and being your best self this year! Well done! 


25.11.22- Dylan, you are an asset to the Year 4 classroom. Always being so inquisitive and ready to learn, we are seeing you blossom ambitiously. You are there for everyone in your class and are a true friend! Kee it up Dylan, well done! 

18.11.22- Darwin, you have been very impressive this week with how independent and ambitious you are in your work. Sometimes you need a poke to concentrate however, this week you have shown a different side of yourself. You should be proud, well done!

10.11.22- Amelia, you are becoming much more confident now in your work and during group discussions. You have finally found your voice, yay! Because of this, your independence has sky rocketed. Well done!

4.11.22- Jacob, you have come back this half term and are showing everyday how independent you can become in your efforts to get work done and impress us with your ever growing knowledge, well done!