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Latest Newsletter available for November - Don't forget to check your emails regularly for the latest information. - Attendance News: A week plagued with Chicken Pox and other illnesses this week. Congratulations to Jays Class who managed to achieve 94.4% and are our weekly attendance winners. Hopefully next week we will all be well and can have a great week and improve on the school weekly attendance of 85.04%


1st December - Bree. You really impressed with your INDEPENDENCE and AMBITION this week in D&T. You weren't happy with your initial design so you went home and in your own time created a second design that you were much happier with. Not only did you apply what you have learnt in class, but you also taught yourself another skill to complete your new design too.

25th November - FREDDIE. You are really switched on in our learning Freddie and your work is becoming more and more accurate. Our fraction work this week has been very tricky but you have shown some very CONFIDENT and AMBITIOUS skills. Well done.

18th November- ARCHIE. You have had a great week Archie. You are becoming more CONFIDENT in class, trying to be more INDEPENDENT and even asking for more work. Well done.

10th November 2022 - Grace, you have been incredibly CONFIDENT this week. You have been getting your hand up more frequently, contributing to class discussions and even volunteering to have a go at out Maths Review board, explaining your work process to the rest of the class.

3rd November 2022 - LILY, you are such a fabulous advocate for our class, CONFIDENT, AMBITIOUS and INDEPENDENT in your work and EQUAL in your friendship choices (you are everyone’s friend). You are also super RESPECTFUL to everyone, adults and children alike.

14th October 2022 - Jessica-May. Jess you are the whole package. You give 100% in your work every time, always AMBITIOUS. You are RESPECTFUL, to both adults and other children in school. You are growing in CONFIDENCE, putting your hand up more and more - having a go. You are HONEST, we know we can trust you to always do the right thing. Your growing confidence is making you more INDEPENDENT in your work too. And you treat everyone EQUALLY, everyone is your friend. Well done Jess.