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We finish on Friday 28th May for one week's holiday. Children are back on the 7th June. The next INSET Day is Monday 14th June.


Anti-Bullying - The Diana Award


LETTER TEMPLATES   We have a range of letter templates suitable for students, parents, teachers and more. Download these templates today to raise awareness about the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Programme in your local area!   1. Generic Letter  - this letter template has lots of useful information about the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Programme and what our training involves.   Download it here     2. 'Your School Needs Anti-Bullying Ambassadors' Letter  - Whether you're a student, parent or just keen to promote the programme, this is a letter template you can use to persuade your local school to get involved with the Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme.   Download it here     3. Letter to Local MP  - This is a letter template you can use to get in touch with your local MP to ask what they are doing to tackle bullying in your area and encourage schools to get involved with the programme.   Download it here     4. Primary School Anti-Bullying Ambassador going to Secondary School -  If you are currently in Primary School and going to Secondary School in September, this letter is for you to give to your new school explaining your role as an Anti-Bullying Ambassador and how you would like to continue your work there.   Download it here


What is the Diana Award?


After Princess Diana's tragic death in 1997, the Diana Award was set up in 1999 to continue princess Diana's legacy of love, compassion, service to others and above all, her belief that young people, from any background or walk of life, could be inspirational role-models and help change the world. 

The Diana award continues this legacy through three main programmes: Awards, Mentoring and Anti-Bullying. The Diana Award anti-Bullying Ambassador award is built around the idea that everyone has the ability to make others feel good about themselves, look after others and speak out about issues that matter to them. And of course The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme exists to help young people and adults tackle or prevent bullying in schools. 



On the 11th June 2019, nine children from our school attended an ‘Anti Bullying Ambassador training day’ where up to 150 students from our local area worked together to be trained as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

Our students had to network with other young people, exchange ideas and share good practice about Anti-Bullying within their school setting and allowed them to explore and understand the topic of bullying.


Our 'Annesley Ambassadors' can be spotted wearing the Diana Award Anti-Bullying badge.

Image result for diana award anti bullying badges

What did our students learn from the day?

• Understanding the issue of bullying; facts, the definition and the effects of
• Practical ideas, top tips and explore scenarios on bullying in groups
• Basic training looking at the skills needed to support others and stay safe
• Online safety and approaches students and staff can take to staying safe
online and educating their peers
• A networking session with students from other schools to share ideas
• Action planning – helping students to think of a plan to take back to school
and set targets and aims for their Anti-Bullying work


Our definition of bullying is...