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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

8th - 12th June

Some Brilliant Bonus Work

How's your sunflower doing????

Look at Kyle's - it's 155cm tall!

Wow look Lucy has two huge sunflowers too!

Can you personify through poetry?

Still image for this video

We continue our work on poetry this week. 

We are learning more about personification. This means that we’re going to imagine
that each of them is a person with real thoughts and feelings.

Here is a video that will give you more detail about personification and how you can personify something. 


Click on image below.


Our poems this week are based on different types of weather. 


Can you guess what sort of weather the poem is about below? 

I like to play games
like sometimes
I pretend
I’m going
to fall
Man that’s the time
I don’t come at all
Like sometimes
I get these laughing stitches
up my sides
rushing people in
and out
with the clothesline
I just love drip
down collars
and spines
Maybe it’s a shame
but it’s the only way
I get some fame

Grace Nichols


Yes it's ......................................................................................................................................................................

Not telling you until Friday. 


1. Can you identify a line in in the poem that shows the use of the first person?
2. What has the writer chosen to personify? (give human characteristics to)

How do you know?
3. Which part is your favourite? Why?

4. How does the poem make you feel?

5. What different pictures do you image?


Now can you write your own poem about the wind or the sun or the snow?

WILL you remember what a Modal verb is?????


You might, you could, you really should!


Watch the video and it will possibly remind you what they are. 


Click below

Have a go at the 'modal verb' activity below it will 'possibly' be fun!!!!!

Powerpoint to work through with some activities on

Modal verb activity

This weeks spelling list


Think back, way back to just after Christmas, this was the very first thing we did when starting our fraction work:  

comparing and ordering fractions. 

The golden rule - make all the fractions have the same denominator. 

Here is something that may help - click on the image below

Below are some questions to have a go at. There are some comparing ones first and then some ordering and then if you are feeling brave some 3 reasoning questions 


Comparing and ordering Fractions

Still image for this video
Mrs Wraith style

Arithmetic Test - Week 2

This is your weekly arithmetic test. 

Below you will find the sheet for children to write on and the answers



Animals can be classified as either vertebrates or invertebrates.

Click on the image below for a video, information and a quiz


Using the resources below can you sort the which animals are vertebrates and invertebrates.  

Some super sorting

Some super sorting  1
Some super sorting  2
Some super sorting  3
Some super sorting  4

Can you produce an observational drawing of a flower? 

Observational drawing is simply drawing what you can see as realistically and as true to life as possible. 

When we look at something that we are going to draw, we look more carefully than usual and see the  shape, patterns, position and contours of the object.

As summer begins the flowers really start to make an appearance so you will have plenty of choices for your drawing. 



Lovely drawings

 Many people are giving their time, or donating money, to help charities during this lockdown period.  

We have seen Captain Tom walking in his garden, we have participated in the Clap for Carers and may even have donated to the Big Night In fundraiser.  But, which charities do you know about?  What do charities do?  Why are charities needed?

Can you identify the charity logos on the attached document and tell me who they support?

Which charity and what do they do?